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Introducing SCUF Hashtag United

Hashtag United

Created in 2014 by mastermind Spencer Owen - or as he is more commonly known, Spencer FC. Spencer built his 1.9 million YouTube channel through mix of real life Football content and FIFA Let's Play Videos, combining them both to create Hashtag United, a team of real amateur football players.

Fast forward to 2016 and Spencer created the Spencer FC Game Academy, where over 10,000 FIFA players battled it out to sign a professional eSports FIFA contract. Ultimately, Hashtag Harry was crowned champion who is still with the team today. Since 2016 Hashtag United has gained great recognition and respect by both recreational and professional gamers and have continued to boast one of the most powerful teams in FIFA

Recently Hashtag United has extended their eSports footing by entering the Gfinity Elite Series, adding teams in Rocket League and Street Fighter V.