The French Monster

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SCUF Envision Pro Gotaga
Envision Pro
SCUF Reflex Gotaga
PS5 + PC
SCUF Instinct Pro Gotaga
Instinct Pro
Xbox Series + PC
Scuf Impact Gotaga
PS4 + PC
Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Gotaga
PS4 + PC
Envision Gotaga Faceplate Kit
Envision Faceplate Kit
SCUF Instinct Gotaga Faceplate Kit
Instinct Faceplate Kit
SCUF Envision was designed to deliver the best experience for controller PC gamers. Equipped with 11 additional remappable inputs, adjustable instant triggers, ultra-fast wireless connectivity, performance grip, and full keyboard functionality utilizing the power of Corsair iCUE software, Envision will, once again, change your game.
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Corentin Houssein
Mantes-la-Jolie, France
Content Creator
Call of Duty, Fortnite, Battle Royales and Party Games with Friends

A legend of the French Call of Duty scene, Corentin "Gotaga" Houssein made his name as one of the most accomplished people to play the game. Now retired from professional esports, Gotaga's buildling on this gaming legacy with nearly seven million subscribers, making him one of the most-viewed content creators in the French-speaking community. With many events under his belt, he's recognized as one of the premier entrepeneurs in the gaming space, creating his own company, GCorp. Gotaga's always pushing the limits of what's possible in esports and the larger community, earning himself the nickname 'The French Monster'.

The very first Gotaga design is still the one which impacted me the most, it was unique to have your own controller at the time. It brings me a lot of memories and I'm glad we could get it reissued this year