Grand Theft Auto V Game Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Game Guide

Grand Theft Auto V aka GTA V as we all know it, has been around for a long while now (since 2013, aka 7 years to be exact) and it looks like it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Rockstar Games announced that GTA V will be upgraded and available for the PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021. It has now spanned 3 generations of consoles from the days of the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the PS4 and Xbox One, and now the next gen consoles. 

GTA Online is still very popular and with the release of the next gen consoles, it’s good to touch up on some tips and advice to improve your experience and get ahead of your rivals. 


GTA Online Gameplay Tips

Whether you're just starting up GTA Online or just looking for useful information, here are some valuable tips:

  • Deposit Your Cash. It’s no secret that GTA Online can be a dangerous place. When you die, you drop some cash, so it’s best to deposit any cash you have into your bank so it’s safe. You can do this via ATMs, or via your phone’s web browser (it’s faster!). 

  • Double Money Events. Double money events pop up weekly for different things including Gunrunning and Time Trials that will net you more money than usually. 

  • Invest in Insurance. Insurance for your car means it can be replaced if it’s lost, stolen, or destroyed. It’ll be delivered to you as well - keep in mind there is still a fee for this service. 

  • Get a Garage. Even a less expensive garage will save you a lot of hassle so you can store your nice cars safely.

  • Get a High-End Apartment. As soon as you hit level 12, you can start doing heists - but you need a high-end apartment. The cheapest will cost you $200k, but it’ll be worth it to make a lot more money. 

  • Join a Crew! Earn an extra 10% in RP for each mission you complete while in a crew.


GTA Online: How To Make A Lot Of Money 

Naturally while playing you will acquire money from missions, racing, deathmatches, and other game modes but there are some ways to optimally make a lot of money. Keep in mind that a lot of these options do require some cash upfront.

Plus, while money is important, don’t forget that playing should be fun! Be sure to do things you enjoy especially if you start to find money making to be a chore. 

Daily Objectives

Potential Profit: $25k per day

When you open up your phone, select Daily Objectives. It’ll have 3 objectives you need to complete that day - if you do, you’ll earn $25k. Doing this consecutively will give you additional bonuses, so it is a simple way to make good money - even if it does require a little patience. 

Time Trials

Potential Profits: $100k per trial

Each week new time trials become available for you to try out. If you’re good at racing, these are a great way to make some quick cash. 

Premium Races

Potential Profits: $10k-80k per race

This is recommended only if you’re very good at racing. It costs $20k to enter, and you must finish in first place to win $100k and second to win $30k. You will be competing against 7 other players, so keep that in mind. A premium race will be marked by a golden stunt wheel on the map which you can either drive to or select on the map.


Potential Profits: Passively earn $80k per hour

You’ll have to either be a VIP or a CEO (can start an organization from the SecuroServ option on your phone - keep in mind you need to own an office) and own a Bunker for this one. Select the Resupply on the laptop and then choose either Steal Supplies or Buy Supplies. Next will be a mission to deliver the supplies to your bunker or have them delivered if you decide to buy. Your staff will then turn them into stock while you can go do whatever you want in the game. When it’s all ready, you can again go to the laptop and choose to sell your stock via a delivery mission. 

Motorcycle Club

Potential Profits: Passively earn $80k per hour

For this you’ll have to start a Motorcycle Club to proceed. It follows the same steps as Gunrunning above - so if you do both, you can passively make $160k per hour combined. 

VIP Work

Potential Profits: $150k per hour

You’ll need to start an organization as a VIP or CEO (from the SecuroServ option on your phone - keep in mind you need to own an office). From there, you can select VIP Work to select the mission you’d like to complete. These are usually pretty fast and pay decently. 


Potential Profits: $400k per hour

This method requires having access to a high-end apartment and 3 friends to play with, but it is a great way to earn a lot of money. It does cost some to start the heist, but you’ll easily recoup that money back. It’s best if you all are skilled enough to complete missions efficiently to earn the most money.

There are Doomsday Heists that you can do if you only have one or two other people to play with, but it is more expensive to begin since you need a Facility to start these.

Twitch Prime

While this isn’t directly in the game, it is good to know especially if you already have Twitch Prime. You can receive $1 million GTA Cash each month you play, and another $200k for playing four consecutive weeks. If you’re already playing, it’s free money (and who doesn’t like free GTA money???). Previously you could also receive a Penthouse, so keep an eye out for if they announce any more rewards just for playing! 

Special note: For PS4 owners, you can receive $1 million in GTA cash each month until GTA V launches for the PS5 in 2021. 


Play Better with SCUF

SCUF can help make driving, flying, and pvp easier with these three different layouts. 


SCUF Infinity4PSPRO GTA V Online PS4 Controller Set Up

Learn More About SCUF Infinity4PSPro

 SCUF IMPACT GTA V Online ps4 Controller setup

Learn More About SCUF IMPACT 

If you’re on your own, you may find it difficult to aim, shoot, and accelerate all at once. By placing aim and shoot on your paddles, you can still drive and defend yourself (or go on the offensive) without having to have someone else there specifically to shoot. 

SCUF PRESTIGE GTA V Online PS4 Controller SetupLearn More About SCUF PRESTIGE


You can also set in the inner paddles to swap out your weapon, and look behind you if you’re being chased. 


SCUF PRESTIGE GTA V Online PS4 Controller SetupLearn More About SCUF PRESTIGE

Remap Rudder controls, Switch Weapons, and Lookback on your paddles so you can look around all while swapping weapons - and you don’t have to play Claw to do it all which is better for your hands.


SCUF PRESTIGE GTA V Online PS4 Controller SetupLearn More About SCUF PRESTIGE


By mapping Dodge Roll, Take Cover, Switch Weapon, and Sprint to your paddles, you won’t have to take your fingers off the thumbsticks or your fingers off the triggers. This will give you a huge advantage during firefights and give you the edge to survive. 

High Performance Grip

While you’re playing for hours on end to make money and have fun, high-performance grip will reduce slippage and increase comfort during long hours of play. It’ll be more comfortable, but you also won’t have the controller slipping around.


Run Los Santos

Most of all, remember enjoying the game is what it really is all about. Whether that is running a nightclub, doing some heists, stealing cars - it’s your call.