From the Pros:

Fortnite Quick Tips

A game like Fortnite can be a blast to jump in and play with friends with very little experience. Dropping in getting a kill or two before getting caught between teams and being sent back to lobby is fun for a little while, but eventually we all want to take that next step towards getting some victory royales and higher kill count games. In this article we’re going to go over some of the best Fortnite tips and tricks we’ve learned over our years of playing with some of the best players out there. We’ve got everything from beginner tips to Fortnite pro tips so be sure to read on if you’re looking for a few tricks that might just give you the edge in your next game.

Tip #1 - Adjust Your Settings

One of the most important first things you can do to improve your gameplay in Fortnite is go into your settings and start adjusting them to better suit your play. Here are a few must try settings that might just improve your game:

● Enable Uncap Fake Framerate

● Disable Controller Vibration

● Enable Auto-Equip Better Items

● Enable Tap to Search

● Enable Sprint Cancel

● Enable Visualized Sound Effects

We also recommend testing out Builder Pro and Combat Pro layouts to see which works best for you. Your playstyle will ultimately determine what settings you want to have enabled and disabled so be sure to jump into your settings and play around with them between matches to find what works best for you.

Tip #2 - Learn the Map

The ever changing map of Fortnite is one of the game’s biggest draws. Every chapter and season change comes with some kind of change to the map, which keeps the game exciting and new even for those of us that have been playing since Renegade Raider was new.

If you want to take your gameplay to the next level and play like the pros you need to have a strong understanding of Fortnite’s map. Be sure to jump in and spend some time exploring each region when a new chapter or season drops. Taking a few early season games to learn where the best drops are, where the best loot is often located, where hostile NPCs spawn, and where the most fighting will break out is going to give all your future games for that season a strong advantage.

Plan your drops according to how you want to play your match and use your knowledge of the map to take advantage of players that haven’t taken the time to familiarize themselves with any new changes to the map.

Tip #3 - Adjust your Play to Your Gear

A lot of beginner and mid-level players will make the common mistake of prioritizing certain weapons and gear over all else once they drop into a game of Fortnite. While there is nothing wrong with having favorite gear, the pros know that nearly every item has a use for a certain scenario.

Focus less on trying to find specific items and more on how you can make the most out of the items you’re finding. Getting a lot of scoped and single shot weapons? Engage on opponents from a distance, then reposition to keep them at a distance. Finding a lot of explosives in your match? Try feigning into build battles with other players before blasting the structures out from under them.

Not every game needs to be about grabbing the best assault rifle and shotgun you can find and charging into other players. Remember that what makes a good player isn’t just their aim and building ability, but their knowledge of how to use equipment and weapons for their optimum purpose

Tip #4 - Master the Ramp Push

Back in Fortnite season 1 & 2 the ramp puch may have been the hottest technique out there, and those days may be long gone with all the truly wild build techniques some players have. Though before you can start building like the best of the best you do need to make sure you have the basics mastered. You’ve got to learn to crawl before you can run as they say. If you’re new to Fortnite or just not that big into building we highly recommend picking up this essential skill.

Ramp Push - Engaging on an opponent while building a simple 3 piece ramp structure as you move towards them. The standard build is a floor with a wall on the far side facing the opponent and a ramp connecting the floor to the wall. These can easily be repeated to extend your ramp and climb higher as you approach your opponent.

The ramp push is a simple but effective way to engage opponents while keeping to cover and maintaining forward and vertical pressure. While there are building techniques that are more effective at getting you a height advantage fast, the ramp push is still an effective way to cover open ground in a gunfight and teaches you how to build strong structures quickly in the heat of combat. We highly recommend jumping into a playground gamemode and getting some practice on your building skills so you aren’t caught off guard in the final rings.

Tip #5 - Use Sound to Your Advantage

Once you’ve enabled the visualize sound effects setting in your audio settings you’ve already made a good step forward on this tip. The visual information you get from the sounds coming from around you will make the difference between getting ambushed and getting the drop on your opponents in many cases.

A lot of players like to sneak around to keep their sound down and take opponents unawares, but remember that there is equal safety in chaos for a skilled player. If you take a hot drop or end up in a location with plenty of open fighting other players will have a hard time determining what sounds matter. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed in the middle of fights. A good pair of headphones like the SCUF H1 will let you know when someone is trying to flank you, if another player has joined the gunfight, and if there’s a chest nearby with the potential of a good weapon or essential healing supplies in the middle of a fight.

Take these Fortnite tips and tricks into your next game and see how they improve your standing at the end of the match. Keep up your practice and you’ll be on the road to becoming a pro faster than you might expect. If you’re looking for more tips check out the video by Ali-A above or read the full video transcript below.


“Ladies and gentlemen I can't thank you guys enough for the support. Fortnight Fridays is definitely continuing and obviously will be more for tonight - Videos throughout the week on special days with new updates through that good stuff but thank you thank you thank you, you guys are insane. To give you guys even the bigger thank you not only if I got a game played today but I also want to show you guys something that has been highly requested that is my controller layout and some top tips for fortnight when it comes to just simply setting up your console and getting ready to go for that victory royale so very quickly before we jump into today's live video on-screen here You can see my current controller settings with the new update - this is everything that I have set. Big things to note is that I turned “uncap fake framerate” on. This allows the game to run at 60fps. Apparently it gives you a little bit more input lag but I don't notice it. I'd much rather play on 60fps than 30 fps it's a world of difference. I recommend you guys turn it on as well. I also have a few little options down here like I never have vibration on, it just annoys me. I've “auto equip better items” on, tap to search on, and also sprint cancel. So it's reload on - just little things to help me out if I need to quickly do a certain action in-game. I also play - as you guys - before you heard my recent videos - now with the combat pro loadout this takes a little bit of time to get used to but when you do it allows you to switch between weapons far easier, build a lot quicker, and you're gonna be so much better in gunfights. I don't know if this works on Xbox but this is a secret tip I use - I actually go into my settings on PlayStation 4, I go to accessibility, or go down to button assignments and I actually switch the r1 and the r2 and the l1 and l2 buttons around so I'm shooting with the top buttons rather than the bottom. Once I turn that on from the settings within my PlayStation 4 I'm gonna go back in game. It switches these buttons for me, I do it in CoD - I do it in every fps - it's just something that I really like. It allows me to shoot super quickly so that's everything I do for my controller. To get ready to game to go for that number one position however there's one huge key component that we cannot forget about that my friend is headsets, if I did not have a good headset I would not even have won half the games of Fortnight battle royale. You need to go to hear footsteps, gun reload, weapons being shot, items on the ground, everything! They are so so important.” - Ali-A