Best Controller

Settings for Fortnite

If you’re playing Fortnite with a controller on console or PC you’ve probably asked yourself, “could I be playing better if I adjusted my controller settings?”, and generally you’d be right. We’re going to dive into some key Fortnite controller settings we recommend you try out in your next games.

Controller Settings

Build Sensitivity Multiplier - We run this setting at 2x standard so we can make quick movements as we engage in build battles. Speed is key here to place down the pieces we need for stable cover before swapping back into combat mode to get kills.

Turning Vertical & Horizontal Boost - While we wouldn’t recommend using boost for look settings, boost can be a huge help for looting and building on your turning thumbstick. We run both our horizontal and vertical turning boost at 16%.

ADS Speeds - If you’re a longtime FPS veteran like us, you’ll want to drop your ADS speeds down to increase your precision for headshots and better aim. We run our ADS speeds at 9% for horizontal and 11% for vertical.

Look Input Curve - Nothing can throw your game off more than jerky look input. We use Exponential Curve here to smooth out our look movement, allowing for more precision in our gunfights.

Thumbstick Dead Zone - Thumbstick dead zones are definitely the setting you’re going to want to play around with most as every controller will have different dead zones that need to be worked around. As a general rule here we aim to have a smaller deadzone on our movement stick so we can quickly move our character with a slightly higher deadzone on our aiming stick to prevent accidental nudges from throwing off k

We suggest you try our suggested settings as a starting point and then adjust between games to find the perfect fit for the way you play. If you’ve been playing on a default controller for a while and are looking for a way to improve your gameplay even further be sure to look into a SCUF controller.

SCUF’s various features allow you to keep your thumbs on the sticks in the heat of battle and are essential for controller players that are looking to play at a professional level. Get more information on what makes a SCUF controller go above and beyond a default controller and start customizing your own SCUF HERE


“Welcome everyone! Today I've got a huge video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys. All of my Fortnight settings which I haven't done in a long long time. We are doing a live controller cam video where you can see my hands moving as I'm playing Fortnight live and I'm gonna be unboxing three controllers - showing my own controller and giving you a complete insight into how I use a controller when I game and it's gonna be a lot of fun. A big thank you to Scuf for sending me all of these controllers - that they are my official controller partner and without them I would not play games to the level that I do. They make crazy controllers as I'm about to show you guys so stick around for so much awesomeness. If you too are part of the controller gang when it comes to playing games give it a big fat thumbs up to let the controller gang be heard. Without further ado - and let's get into this huge video. They can barely fit on my desk but these are all the controllers were gonna take a look at. Before we jump into some live action we're gonna start off with a Scuf Impact controller. Oh look at this camera watch em - scene is designed before this is amazing it's controllers compatible for ps4 and PC and is Scuf’s own unique design featuring four customisable paddles at the back, adjustable hair triggers, additional grip on the back of the controller, and even customizable thumbs tips. Next up we got the Xbox Scuf Prestige edition. Another amazing camo - this controller also features four customizable buttons on the back, adjustable hair triggers with one slide can make it a slightly less motion grips on the controller, and check this out it's gonna look like I'm breaking the controller but I'm not, you can actually take the faceplate off allowing you switching which other thumbsticks you want. [...] So if you’re a controller player like myself and you're still using a standard controller you are missing out. Christmas, birthdays, whatever - make the upgrade because these things will make you so much better at whatever game you're playing. So I'm gonna show you my settings and how they map onto my Scuf controller. There's loads of new controller settings - I haven’t - you might not have seen my settings in absolutely ages. We are joined by Darcy on our desk as well so let's jump into it. These are all the settings that I use. I've got tap to search on for example, reset building choice, and a new one that's been available is confirm edit on release - which is when you let go off the edit that you've just selected it'll instantly confirm it for you which is really useful. Everything else from here, not super useful - what we're interested in - it's the new settings that I'm currently using and my button layout. So yes I'm using the new settings, there's a new feature in here that I really really like actually - the boost mode is one of them - it's something I didn't think I'd like but essentially when either of your thumb sticks hit the edge of your controller so all the way at maximum press it basically initiates a boost so my sensitivity is increased by about 16 percent when I hit the edge of my controller which means when I'm building I can build a lot quicker when I'm looking at someone and I'm making those subtle movements and I'm not touching the edge I can still be really accurate. It's a really useful thing actually. My ABS is really low - I don't have any boost and it will just throw your aim off massively and I use the exponential curve which means - to again- if there's really subtle slight movements in the middle of my control stick that could be really accurate. These are the big ones and I switch this around quite a lot and I actually now use my left d-pad and actually now kind of play where I use my left finger to actually press the d-pad as well. I've got my map mapped to the down d-pad. Toggle pickaxe to the right d-pad and interact and pick up and confirm on my touchpad. This touchpad is such a useful button you can press it with either of your fingers and I would recommend anyone map into it. You can get used just moving your finger across and even a d-pad or any of these super super useful but obviously there's only a certain number on the front of your actual controller that you can use which means I have - we mapped the two back ones as well which I'll show you guys in seconds. I use confirm with my left thumbstick, I just have Auto sprint on as soon as I press upwards or any direction and hold it down it will just start running in that direction which basically frees up the ability to press down on that stick to whatever you want but you have the build controls edit. I have confirm on r1 and reset on r2 then my dead zones are fairly low - it's smaller for the movement left stick which means there you can have really quick and precise fast movement and then a little bit higher for aim so that I have a little bit of dead zone in the center so I can still be quite accurate with my shot gunshots up close. Now for my Scuf buttons - this one here so the left button hasn't changed in years across Call of Duty, Apex, Plants vs. Zombies, Fortnight - whatever it may be that has always been jump for me. Always been jump. The right one however; so this one here I've remapped recently and for a game like Fortnight transformed how I play and really increased everything that I do in game - is the ability to actually switch in and out of build mode. So switch mode is on circle except I never take my thumb off to press circle - in fact I never take my thumbs off the thumb sticks. I've got everything that is on the right side here that I need mapped to the back buttons and everything on here - I now just move my finger across to press - making it super easy to always be on the stick to just use my other three fingers to press any of the other buttons on the controller I need. A lot of this wouldn't be possible without these paddles on the back and the features of a controller like the Scuf so I really appreciate how much it can improve my game and obviously how much you can improve your game.” - Ali-A