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Superior Performance for Xbox Series X|S
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Thank you for being a part of our NEW SCUF Instinct launch. Below you will find all the info you need to review and use our newest controller. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did bringing it to life!

Engineered for better performance and a more responsive feel, SCUF Instinct Pro was designed to take precious milliseconds off your reaction times in any game you play. The four rear Remappable Paddles are embedded within the controller placing them at your fingertips for faster play and increased durability. Up to three paddle remapping configurations are saved onboard and can be switched with the press of a button. Instinct Pro features Instant Triggers that allow you to switch from a regular trigger to a mouse-click action for those ultra-fast shots. Instinct’s all-new textured thumbstick grip improves precision and accuracy. The Performance Grip provides the ultimate non-slip comfort no matter how long you play. Endless customization options available to fit your style and gameplay. Every aspect of Instinct was designed to live up to its name. Play better. Play faster.

Key Features

  1. Remappable Paddles: Four rear, Remappable Paddles allow for faster reactions and can be configured to 16 different functions.

  2. Paddle Profiles: The Profile Switch allows you to save three remapping configurations for different games.

  3. Instant Triggers: The Instant Triggers activate like a mouse click for faster shots. Please note: Instant Triggers are only available for Instinct Pro. 

    1. A. They are perfect for firing off a quick shot at the speed of a mouse click. Simply flip the switch towards the outside of the controller.

    2. B. If you prefer a longer pull, flip the switch the other way for the full range of motion to give you the ultimate throttle and brake control for racing games.

  4. Performance Grip: Provides a comfortable, non-slip feel for extended gaming sessions.

  5. Removable Faceplate: An easy to remove faceplate that makes it easy to switch designs and thumbsticks.

  6. Interchangeable Thumbsticks: With all the different shapes and sizes available, they allow for the perfect fit catered to you.

    1. A. For first person shooter games, use your tall thumbsticks on the right for precision and accuracy through the scope. Using a short concave thumbstick on the left will allow for quick and responsive moves.

  7. Anti-Friction Rings: Fully removable and customizable self-lubricating materials provide a pro-grade finish offering improved smoothness, look and feel of thumbsticks.

  8. Thumbsticks: SCUF’s thumbsticks provide an increased surface area for thumbs to grip. SCUF thumbsticks are available in three height options: short, medium, and long with two shape options: domed and concave. Choose from domed and concave thumbsticks, with most gamers preferring a shorter concave on the left, and taller domed on the right.

  9. Button Kits: Add another layer of customization to your handcrafted SCUF controller with our custom button kits.

  10. Mute Button: The mute button is an easy way for you to toggle muting your microphone in-game when your wired headset is plugged into your controller. The button light will be off when your mic is on and turn amber when you are muted. Please note: The mute button will not work with wireless headsets. 

Download the product manual to learn more.