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SCUF Infinity1 Axe Paddle Replacement Kit


The SCUF Infinity1 Axe Paddle replacement kit includes 4 replacement paddles. Not compatible with SCUF Prestige controllers.

The SCUF Infinity1 Axe Paddle Control System features a new shape better suited for all hand sizes. Covering more of the back of the controller, you’ll be more comfortable holding the controller with excellent access to the SCUF Paddles.

• The SCUF Infinity1 Paddle Control System is fully modular and customizable. The easily removable paddles allow you to choose between 0-4 paddles between games. Now you can swap between differing paddle types, of various heights and shapes, as you see fit.
• The Infinity1 AXE paddles are great for all hand types and especially good for smaller hands; providing an increased surface area with multiple activation points.
• The Infinity1 AXE Center paddles are compatible with Astro® and Turtle Beach® headset adapters. These paddles are slightly raised in order to fit the headset adapters on a 4 paddle design.