Top 5 Call of Duty Warzone Controller Tips

Top 5 Call of Duty Warzone Controller Tips

COD Warzone just got updated with Quads added when Season 3 of Modern Warfare dropped on April 7th, 2020. Get ready to gain the advantage with these 5 Controller Tips by SCUF to become a better player.

Tip #1 - Surprise the Enemy

The biggest advantage you can gain against enemy squads is the ability to aim and shoot, while still quickly and efficiently doing the essentials.

Coming up on an enemy squad? Ping them for your teammates. Prepping an ambush? Mount up on the corner for some protection. Armor damaged? Quickly repair or add new armor. Low on ammo? Swap weapons instead of reloading to continue hounding down the enemy, before they get you.

All of this is possible using Paddles on the back of your SCUF, so you can quickly outmaneuver another squad while keeping your fingers on the thumbsticks to aim and shoot.

Tip #2 - Shoot Faster

Shooting your enemy quicker than they can get you while still being accurate is key to survival in Warzone which has a lower time-to-kill. This means even with full armor, you can easily be taken down with the right weapon.

SCUF’s Trigger Control System reduces the amount your trigger has to travel past the activation point, so you can shoot and aim faster. Just flip the trigger stops on, and you’re ready to roll. Be sure to flip them off if you’re using vehicles.

Being able to aim and shoot swiftly can also give you the advantage you need in the Gulag: the 1v1 fight to get back into the heat of Warzone with your teammates.

Tip #3 - Aim Better

Having the best thumbsticks for your playstyle will vastly improve your aim. Players who like to use weapons like Snipers will want accurate pinpoint precision when aiming, so a Tall Domed Thumbstick would be perfect.

Meanwhile players who prefer weapons like Shotguns are going to want accuracy, but be able to react quickly, so a Short Domed Thumbstick will work better.

Tip #4 - Redeploy Your Parachute

Get a headstart by cutting the chord of your Parachute after deploying from the cargo plane to free fall faster, and then redeploy again. You can do this continuously to get to the ground faster.

In addition, when traversing the map you can jump off higher structures like buildings and glide down to safety to avoid damage, especially handy if the gas is heading your way.

Tip #5 - Pool Your Cash

Warzone is unique in that you collect cash to use at Buy Stations to buy killstreaks, buy loadout drops, buy back teammates, etc.

Strategize and work with your team to pool cash by dropping it on the ground for one player to use the buy station to get the goods when needed.

Be sure to scout out the area before using a Buy Station, and make sure other teammates keep an eye out while using the machine. They’re popular spots, so they’re destined to attract some trouble.

Do you have any controller tips for Call of Duty Warzone not listed here? Let us know over on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

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