Warzone Tips:

How to Slide Cancel in Warzone

On the battlefield of Caldera, the difference between landing a kill and landing in the gulag can come down to a millisecond. Every movement and action adds up to determine who gets the drop on their opponent.

A key movement tool to ensure you get the drop on your opponent when playing Warzone is known as “slide canceling.” With this guide and a little practice you’ll soon have your movement optimized and your firefight engagements played out like a pro.

What is slide canceling and how does it help your gameplay in Warzone?

Slide canceling is a momentum based maneuver that has you sprint, double crouch into a slide, then jump before the slide animation slows your momentum to both change your hit box making you harder to be hit while maintaining forward momentum and pressure. The key to a good slide cancel is hitting the jump button to end your slide just before your momentum starts to drop, allowing you to continue sprinting and begin another slide cancel.

Once you’ve mastered this maneuver you can begin implementing it during your Warzone matches. Start by using your slide cancel to cross open spaces. The efficiency of speed allows you to minimize your time out in the open while the sliding allows you to break up your silhouette, keeping you from becoming an easy target for snipers.

To execute a slide cancel, use the following button sequence:

Sprint x1 > Crouch x2 > Jump x1

Focus on entering your slide right as you come around corners to minimize your targetable space for opponents that might be waiting around corners for you.

This is essentially the reason slide canceling has become such an important part of Warzone. Fast movement and minimizing your hitbox for your opponent to land hits on you gives you the edge needed to  win more firefights. Close the distance between you and your opponent while robbing them of a clear and easy shot on you. 

This technique on its own is already strong, but when combined with a SCUF controller you can really make the most of your SCUF and have your opponent scratching their head wondering what even happened.

A normal slide cancel requires several button inputs that would normally require you to take your thumb off of your right thumbstick in order to initiate the slide and then cancel with a jump. Each time your thumb is removed from the thumbstick you’re robbed of the precious milliseconds where you are no longer in direct control of your aim. A millisecond may sound like an inconsequential amount of time but when a single hit can be the difference between a kill and getting sent to the gulag.

Your SCUF controller completely eliminates the necessity to move your thumbs thanks to SCUF’s remappable paddles. Map the crouch and jump to different paddles on your SCUF and you’ll never lose control of your aiming while you slide.

Enjoy sliding around tight corners to get the drop on enemies expecting you to sprint or jump from behind the corner. Slide canceling in Warzone with a SCUF also allows you to maintain constant aim through every step of your slide cancel.

Don’t take it from us though, some of the top Warzone players out there are big fans of SCUF and can confirm exactly what makes slide canceling such an essential part of the Warzone meta.


“I’m here to talk about movement techniques that will help you win gunfights in Warzone.

Today we’re going to be talking about slide canceling.

The whole concept of slide canceling is just being able to use a movement mechanic that will help you progress through the map as well as get the first jump on someone.

So for example when someones in a room and you want to run at them the best way to engage that gunfight is to slide cancel. Slide canceling is also the fastest way to get from point A to point B instead of running or jumping. Slide canceling is always the way to go.

The benefits of slide canceling is it's the best way to get around a corner, make your character model harder to shoot because it's sliding, always having your gun up, and just being ready to keep your gun up so you can fire at any moment.

If you have a SCUF you don’t have to take your thumb off the aim while you slide cancel allowing you full control over your aim while you’re moving.

So that’s how you slide cancel. Add it to your game and I’ll see you in Verdansk.” - Asim

Next time you’re in a game of Warzone be sure to give slide canceling a try, and if you don’t have a SCUF yet be sure to check out our shop and pick up your own SCUF Infinity4PS, Impact, Instinct, or Reflex to take full advantage of slide canceling.

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