Call of Duty: Warzone Launching March 10th!

Call of Duty: Warzone Launching March 10th!

Call of Duty: Warzone is the first ever free to play Call of Duty title and it’s officially here on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and is co-developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software. 

Here's everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Warzone when it launches on March 10th. 

Free to Play

If you do not own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Warzone is completely free to play and does not require Modern Warfare. You will be able to download Warzone as a separate client that has the option to upgrade to all of Modern Warfare if you want. 

If you own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Warzone will become the fourth center tab allowing players to jump into the action directly from the Modern Warfare game


Warzone features cross play and cross progression, similar to Modern Warfare, so players can play with their friends regardless of platform on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Your progression transfers with the same Activision ID if you decide to switch platforms. 

Play with up to squads of 3 which you can fill up if you don't have co-op partners, or don't fill if you'd like to play solo. Call of Duty: Warzone features 150 player lobbies in both the Battle Royale mode and Plunder. 


Call of Duty: Warzone features an Armor system, but it is very different than Black Ops 4’s Blackout. There are no tiers of armor; there is one standard armor: the Armor Plate. Every single player enters the map with 100 health + 2 armor plates equipped. 

Players can have max of 3 armor plates on their character at a time. With all 3 armor plates equipped, players have 250 health total. The Armor Plate is one single rarity and there are no variations of it. 

Health Regeneration 

Warzone features automatic health regeneration, allowing players to get their health back automatically. So, there’s no bandages or med-kits in Warzone. However, there is the Stim Shot to use in Call of Duty: Warzone that is hard to find. 

Automatic health regeneration will keep players in the action all the time. You don’t have to stop to bandage up now. When you get hit, you can get to cover for a couple of seconds and jump back in the action without having to worry about bandages. 

Cash System

The cash system is fully in-game only and is not part of any microtransaction system.

Players enter every match with $0 in cash to their name. As you begin to loot and find weapons and equipment, you also will find Cash around the map in various quantities. The cash stack you see will be smaller for lower amounts of cash and larger for higher amounts of cash. 

The entire game really revolves around this cash as it allows you to get equipment and items from Buy Stations located around the map. 

You can also share Cash between teammates by dropping the cash you have. Press down on the D-Pad, and then use the right stick to highlight cash, and drop stacks. 

Buy Stations

Buy Stations are located in various locations that are easy to see on your map. They let you use your cash to purchase certain items like Killstreaks. Players cannot earn killstreaks the standard way they're used to in multiplayer.

Your teammates can then pick up the stacks if you want to pool it together to get a certain killstreak in-game. 


Call of Duty: Warzone does feature Killstreaks. As we noted above, buying from Buy Stations or very rarely finding on map is the only way to get these and not all killstreaks from Multiplayer are carried over to Warzone mode.

Players can only carry one killstreak at a time. If you purchase more than one, it will only let you take one, so your teammate will have to hold the other. 

There's a variety of options available when it comes to killstreaks and some operate very similar to that in MP. There is a UAV streak, but the UAV streak is a very small circle that pings enemies in the radius nearby you for a set time. It does not show the entire map, just a small area near you and your team. 

Ping System

Call of Duty: Warzone has a useful ping system similar to that of Apex Legends, which allows players to ping almost every thing in the map and alert teammates of possible items.

The map in Call of Duty: Warzone lets you zoom in as close as you want and then press Up on the D-Pad to then ping items, Buy Stations, vehicles, locations, and more.

The ping system is extremely useful to communicate with especially when playing with teammates that don’t have microphones.

Gulag and Respawning

After your first death in the Battle Royale, IF the Gulag is still open, then you are transported as a Prisoner of War to the Gulag. Depending on how many players are in the Gulag, you may be asked to wait your turn as only one 1v1 match happens at time. 

While waiting, you can actually watch the matches in the Gulag from the top of the ring and throw rocks down at the 1v1 fighters. Being able to watch matches helps if you have another squad mate in the Gulag as you can communicate to them where the enemy is to win their 1v1.

You only get one chance in the Gulag. If you lose the 1v1 battle, then you must be brought back into the match through a teammate ‘purchasing’ you at a Buy Station for $4500 cash. 

Warzone lets players have an unique way of getting back into the action with Gulag, and from our experience, it was a lot of fun to get into those 1v1 situations to respawn. It gives you the control for one change to get back into the action without relying on your squad, but if you fail, it's up to your squad to win. 

The Gas

The Gas in Call of Duty: Warzone is “the ring of death” featured in most battle royale games. It closes in quite fast and aggressively. 

There’s a way to avoid damage in the gas: the gas mask. Players can find the Gas Mask around the map, and when it’s in your inventory, your character automatically places it on when you’re in the gas. It has its own health levels as well.


Battle Royale is not the only mode available in Call of Duty: Warzone. There's a second mode called Plunder, which Infinity Ward wants to be the fun side experience for those who want a more casual experience compared to the intensities of the Battle Royale mode. 

Plunder is all about the team who secures the most Cash in game.  

The objective of Plunder is to go around the map and find as much cash as possible to accumulate a total of $1 million in cash. 

In this mode, the amount of cash you can find is dramatically increased compared to Battle Royale. 

Plunder has a 30 minute timer for players to reach $1 million in cash. When a team reaches $1 million in Cash secured, an overtime phase is triggered in the mode. The team that deposited the $1 million in Cash has their $1 million secured. During this overtime phase, the amount of Cash you find is doubled. The team with the most cash when the time ends wins the match. 

If no one reaches $1 million in Cash by the 30 minute mark, the team with the most money secures the win. 

A very important aspect for this mode is that respawn is fully enabled. If you die, there's a 15 second timer, and once that's up, you are sent back to redeploy onto the map to get back into the action. There is no Gulag in this mode. 

Game Guides

Stay Tuned for SCUF’s Game Guide for Call of Duty: Warzone and recommended layouts to dominate out on the battlefield.