Improving Your Aim in PUBG

Improving Your Aim in PUBG

Want to get the perfect headshot in PUBG? Part of aiming is just pure practice to get better, but you can help this process in two ways: thumbsticks and game settings. 

The number one thing to improve your aim is having the right thumbsticks for how you like to play and what is comfortable for your hands.

Everyone has different hand sizes, thumb lengths, and preferences. That’s why SCUF thumbsticks are interchangeable: to match your unique preference of comfort and playstyle.

In this guide, we'll be going over how to improve your aim with the right thumbsticks for you as well as game settings that will improve your experience. 

Step One: Identify your Playstyle

Are you someone who likes to plan out the next move to avoid the ring or to ambush enemies? Or do you prefer to take a more direct aggressive approach? 

Do you like shotguns or sniper rifles more? Whatever your preferred style, it’s a key part in what thumbsticks will suit you best. 

Step Two: Understanding Thumbstick Shape and Length

There are two parts to the thumbstick: its shape and its length. 

  • Concave thumbsticks are designed for more movement control. 

  • Domed thumbsticks are designed for more accuracy. 

  • Short thumbsticks are designed for quicker movement speed

  • Tall thumbsticks are designed to have more angle to play with. 

Step Three: Choosing Thumbsticks

For aggressive players, like shotgun and SMG players, we recommend a short concave thumbstick on the left and a short domed thumbstick on the right. You’ll be quick to move and quick to aim to shoot the enemy. 

For defensive players, like sniper rifle players, we recommend a short concave thumbstick on the left and a tall domed thumbstick on the right. You can still move quickly, but also be the most accurate when aiming, like when you’re up on a cliff trying to take someone out in a field.  

Keep in mind that tall thumbsticks will also be more comfortable for someone with larger hands than smaller hands. 

Try out different thumbstick types and combinations to find the ones that fit your style of play and your comfort level. Change it up when you’re in the mood for a different way to play. 

Step Four: Aim Acceleration

Aim Acceleration makes your crosshair increase in speed as you hold down the trigger while aiming in a specific direction. 

Unfortunately, it is set to 5 as the default and this can make aiming jittery and not smooth when trying to track enemies. We recommend either turning it off entirely, or just setting it to 1 for smooth reticle movement when aiming. 

Step Five: Turn Off Vibration

If your controller has vibration modules, go into the game settings and turn vibration off. It may feel nice to have feedback, but the unnecessary shaking is just going to make it harder to land precise hits. 

Step Six: Take Advantage of Leaning

PUBG is unique for a battle royale in that you can lean to peek around corners by pressing in the thumbsticks when aiming (left to lean left, right to lean right). You can peer around to see enemies or just scout out the area safer. In addition you can shoot while doing so which allows you to conceal yourself more for protection. 

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PUBG is a battle royale by PUBG Corporation and Bluehole available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mobile. It’s currently running it’s 7th Season in 2020 and now features cross console play and cross-party play.