Use Your SCUF and Fight Like Hell - DOOM Guide

A new DOOM game has arrived and we were super excited to fight our well through Hell and its waves of demons with our SCUF Controller. The game is an exciting and frantic run through multiple environments with enough nods to the past DOOM games to make any fan smile.

For anyone not familiar: DOOM is a First-Person Shooter centered on very fast paced gunfights against the varied spawn of Hell utilizing some crazy cool guns like the Sawed-Off Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Gauss Cannon, and the ever popular BFG9000. The best part? You don’t have to reload your weapons, ever. This mechanic forces gamers to re-think a lot of their basic strategy when approaching fights, as the lack of reloading is nice, but some enemies can absorb bullets like sponges. We found the movement (you move normally at what most games would consider a sprint, and includes jumping, vaulting, and an eventual double jump) to be the most crucial aspect of survival in DOOM. This is where our SCUF Controller was incredibly helpful.

For DOOM we strongly recommend purchasing EMR with your custom SCUF Controller due to our paddle config of A/Right Stick Down on Xbox One or X/Right Stick Down on PS4. The A/X button is the jump, an obviously crucial tactic for dodging enemies before they have a chance to get you. Clicking on the right stick performs a “Glory Kill”. Do enough damage to an enemy to stagger it and it will flash blue, run up to it and hit Right Stick down to insta-kill the demon and get some health. Considering how much damage some of these enemies can do to you, you’ll be using Glory Kills quite often, which makes it perfect to set to your right paddle. We spent most of our time with DOOM jumping, vaulting, and performing Glory Kills with extreme efficiency thanks to our SCUF Controllers, and we highly recommend picking up a Custom SCUF Controller of your own to join the fight in Hell.

Customize a SCUF Infinity1 HERE, or a SCUF Infinity 4PS HERE and Fight like Hell