The News in eSports: June 27th -- July 2nd!

Another week full of news, events and more!

Call of Duty: North America

It was a busy week for eSports in the Call of Duty world. Over in North America, the penultimate week of the CoD World League Season Two was in action and boy was it a good one.

One of the most notable matches of the week was a first place OpTic Gaming vs. last place 100Thieves. 100T had some interesting shotgun tactics on Search and Destroy and also won their first Uplink of the season. This could have been due to some recurring internet issue for OpTic, however it came down to game five where the team got an early lead over OpTic 5-3.

During this crucial round, 100T player John "Johnny" Cookson and Matthew "FormaL" Piper from OpTic were in a 1v1 situation when Formal fired the “One-Burst Heard 'Round the World,” killing Johnny and winning the round. OpTic would go on to win the map in a round 11 and take what was one of the best matches of the league thus far.


On day three, we saw a Rise Nation take on Team EnVyUs. These two teams have been at the top of the scoreboard consistently throughout the league and this match was nothing short of spectacular. EnVy grabbed the first two maps pretty convincingly, but it was Rise who would crawl their way back into the series, eventually winning 3-2.

Call of Duty: Europe

Elsewhere in the world, the Gfinity CWL Summer Masters tournament was being held over in London. Team’s came to play from all over Europe, with the return of FABE Gaming, as well as some familiar CWL faces.

The stage was set and it would be Splyce who would take the whole thing, beating Epsilon eSports and Exertus on the way to the finals and crushing HyperGames 4-0 to get first place.


Final Placements

1st: Splyce | $10,000

2nd: HyperGames | $5,000

3rd/4th: Millenium | $1,500

3rd/4th: Exertus | $1,500

5th/8th: Supremacy | $500

5th/8th: Team Orbit | $500

5th/8th: Epsilon eSports | $500

9th/12th: Team LDLC

9th/12th: Wysix

9th/12th: Riot Gaming

9th/12th: FABE Gaming

13th/14th: U4X eSports

13th/14th: Team MRN


Halo 5 Guardians

Some awesome news came out this week in the world of Halo. For the first time ever, HCS Team REQ Packs released as an in-game purchase.

Halo already pushed its competitive scene with notifications informing players about the HSC results, but now you can put your favorite team on your Battle Rifle and show everyone who they are.

That is it for the news this week, have you got any HCS REQ packs yet? If so, send us some pictures of what you got.