The CoD: WWII Beta Is Over! What Did The Pros Think?

With a sad wave goodbye, the Call of Duty community said farewell to the CoD: WW2 beta. Now, the only thing left to do is wait for November and the full release. TeamSCUF spent a ton of time online these past two betas, getting to know the new divisions, weapons, and scheming with different loadouts. But what did the pros have to say? Scuf Gaming kept an eye on the social scene, and the responses were pretty positive.

The beta seemed to bode great things for the upcoming competitive season:

One of the most popular aspects of Call Of Duty: WW2, was its return to a boots on the ground play style:

The first beta had so much action packed into a few short days that it's no surprise some pros couldn't get into the second beta soon enough:

For some players, it took no time at all for them to start making incredible plays, which bodes well for an exciting new season:

Of course, not everyone was able to take advantage of the Beta. With such a limited time frame and a busy schedule, it would be easy for even some of the most dedicated CoD players to miss out. That was not the case for Ali-A, however, who got in some incredible play time from his hotel room in Germany: now that's dedication!

SCUF contacted a few of our other favorite affiliates to see how they were enjoying the beta, and how their SCUF competitive controllers were holding up under the pressure! Here are some of their responses:

"I'm really looking forward to WWII and looking forward to having fun on those really long days of grinding CoD again. The grip on my Scuf always helps me block sweat and stay comfortable through those long days" - JKap

"Paddles are just as important if not more important going into WWII boots on the ground than they were during the jetpack era. I've never been more excited to SCUF jump noobs again" - KOSDFF

"This is the most complete Call of Duty since Black Ops 2 and I love it. I don't think we've ever had this level or gun balance and map concepts this early in a game. It also helps when you have a Scuf and the ability to jump around any corner or drop shot while keeping your aim and movements fluid" - Theory

I'm loving WWII and I actually started using a SCUF back on MW3 for strafe jumping and I've been abusing this mechanic so far in the BETA.” - MarkyB

"Using a SCUF still adds an advantage to your game even in a slower paced CoD. It's a big benefit to be able to jump around a corner while still being able to aim, drop shot, scufjump, and a variety of other things thanks to the paddles" - Octane

What do you think? Did the Call of Duty: WWII Beta get you pumped up for November? Have you chosen your main Division? Picked a favorite weapon? Join the conversation with Scuf Gaming on Twitter!