#TeamSCUF at PAX East 2016

PAX East featured three integral eSport events: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League Finals, Halo Championship Series: Pro League PAX East Invitational and Gears of War Pro League Season 2 Finals. From eXcellence being crowned as the first-ever Rainbow Six Pro League champions to pitting old Team Allegiance teammates together, PAX East proved to be the high-octane event that eSports fanatics were hoping for.

Rainbow Six: Siege @ PAX East

PAX East saw the top four Rainbow Six teams from Europe and North America battle it out for a piece of the $50,000 prize pool, along with the glory that comes with being the first Rainbow Six Pro League champions. The Semi-Final games and Grand Final went as follows:

  • (NA 2 Seed) eXcellence 2-1 Team Vitality (EU 1 Seed)

  • (NA 1 Seed) Team eLevate 2-1 Team Infused (EU 2 Seed)

  • (NA 2 Seed) eXcellence 2-0 Team eLevate (NA 1 Seed)

Despite finishing in a close second to eLevate in the regular season, eXcellence was able to make the final push needed to secure $25,000 and a first-place finish.


Halo @ PAX East

Where Rainbow Six saw new beginnings, Halo saw the return of four ex-teammates fighting for the second HCS Pro League spot. When the Halo World Championship ended, Counter-Logic Gaming and Team Allegiance were offered the first two spots in the HCS Pro League. When the four members of Team Allegiance went their separate ways, this set the stage for them to battle for the second HCS Pro League. 

The four ex-members went to different teams, the members are noted in bold:

  • Evil Geniuses (Suspector, Roy, Lunchbox, Snipedown)

  • OpTic Gaming (Naded, Flamesword, Maniac, ACE)

  • Enigma6 Group (Cratos, Shooter, Huke, bubu dubu)

  • Team EnVyUs (El Town, Mikwen, iGotUrPistola, Rayne)

The tournament followed a best-of-five double-elimination format, then a best-of-seven format for the Loser’s, Winner’s and Grand Final. The maps played followed the same format as the HWC.


Evil Geniuses 3-2 Team EnVyUs

The first two games of the series went to Team EnVyUs, but they didn’t come as dominant wins. Winning Truth CTF 3-2 and Rig Slayer 50-43, EnVyUs was looking to edge the series out on Plaza Strongholds, but Evil Geniuses had different plans. Flipping the script, Evil Geniuses was able to take Plaza Strongholds 100-11 and Coliseum 3-0. Evil Geniuses completed the reverse sweep with a 50-40 win on Eden Slayer. 

OpTic Gaming 3-1 Engima6 Group

This match marked the beginning of Enigma6’s foray into Halo eSports. Initially, saw two intense matches with OpTic taking Truth CTF 3-1 and Enigma6 taking Rig Slayer 50-38. However, OpTic found momentum, taking Plaza Strongholds 100-62 and Coliseum CTF 3-1, sending Enigma6 to the Loser’s Bracket.

Team EnVyUs 3-1 Enigma6 Group (Loser’s Round 1)

The two competitors came out strong, but EnVyUs pulled through by winning Plaza Strongholds 100-79. In the second game, Regrets Slayer, Enigma6 secured a big lead, but EnVyUs came back, eventually winning 50-48. Enigma6 was able to stay alive by winning Fathom CTF 3-0, but EnVyUs sent them home by winning Eden Strongholds 100-60. 

Evil Geniuses 4-0 OpTic Gaming (Winner’s Finals)
The Winner’s Finals saw Evil Geniuses start out dominating OpTic by taking Empire Strongholds 100-6. This pattern continued throughout the series as OpTic struggled to find any footing against a Evil Geniuses squad firing on all cylinders. Evil Geniuses eventually won Coliseum Slayer 50-21, Fathom CTF 3-0 and secured their Grand Finals spot with a 100-27 win on Rig Strongholds.


Team EnVyUs 4-0 OpTic Gaming (Loser’s Finals)

Following Evil Geniuses’ lead, EnVyUs began with a Fathom CTF 3-0 win. OpTic came extremely close to evening the series on Truth Slayer, but EnVyUs won 50-47. Again, OpTic came close to taking a map, but fell short losing Plaza Strongholds 100-88. In Game 4, EnVyUs completed the sweep by taking Coliseum CTF 3-0.

Evil Geniuses 4-2 Team EnVyUs (Grand Final)

Game 1 started off with EnVyUs stunning Evil Geniuses on Fathom CTF with a swift 3-0 win. However, Evil Geniuses remained unbothered by the momentum change. Game 2 saw Evil Geniuses taking Plaza Slayer 50-33. EnVyUs struck back with a 100-43 win on Eden Strongholds. Despite falling in a significant loss, Evil Geniuses won Fathom CTF 3-1, Regret Slayer 50-26 and Rig Strongholds 100-15 to secure their HCS Pro League bid.


Gears of War @ PAX East

The top four teams in Season 2 of the ESL Gears of War Pro League battled it out at PAX East. The matches followed a single elimination format, with a third and fourth place consolation match. 


Team EnVyUs 3-2 Dream Team

Coming in as the top seed, EnVyUs was expecting to have smooth sailing. Going up early, EnVyUs looked like it was going to send Dream Team home quickly. Dream Team responded with a solid win, tying the series. EnVyUs then pulled it together and was able to move to the Grand Final.

Denial eSports 3-0 Notorious 

This series followed an extremely different path than the previous one. The returning champions swiftly put Notorious away, winning 3-0 and moving on to play EnVyUs in the Grand Final.

Notorious 3-1 Dream Team (Consolation Match)

Despite being quickly sent the the consolation match, Notorious came alive to win the series 3-1. Dream Team didn’t make the road to third place easy, as Dream Team was able to take Map 3, which then led to some viewers sensing a comeback. However, Notorious sent Dream Team home with a resounding 3-1 win.

Team EnVyUs 3-0 Denial eSports (Grand Final) 

The first seed pitted against the returning champions was close all the way through. EnVyUs won the series 3-0, but that only tells half of the story: Denial kept every match close, but simply couldn’t close it out against an EnVyUs squad that spent Season 2 of the Pro League dominating the standings.


Overall, PAX East proved to be an important event in three different eSports. PAX East saw eXcellence making history in Rainbow Six, Evil Geniuses securing the second HCS Pro League spot and Team EnVyUs taking home the title of Gears of War Pro League Champions.