The SCUF Week In Video Gaming: August 7th - 14th

What’s been going on in the world of video games this week? We take a look at five of the top stories.

Rocket League Set to Rumble

The developers of Rocket League have announced the addition of a new game mode known as Rumble to launch in September. The new mode will introduce 11 power ups into the game play, including a magnet to attract the ball, a grappling hook, and a tornado that does exactly as the name suggests. Psyonix, the team behind Rocket League, has also gone on to suggest that Rumble is set to be just a small part of a larger update that fans can look forward to in September. More excitement in-bound.

Hitman To Have 3 Seasons

A Tweet from the Io Interactive official Twitter suggests that fans of Hitman may well be set to enjoy as many as 2 seasons, despite season 2 not being confirmed as yet. In a further message from the account, there were also suggestions of the possibility of map remakes, although the Tweet went on to say, “we’re focused on creating exciting new content that fans will love.” The news comes as the next new mission, set in Bangkok, edges ever closer to a public release. Season 1 is still yet to conclude though, with fans having plenty more to look forward to before talk of season 2 intensifies.

Xbox One S Almost Sold Out

The limited edition Xbox One S white consoles have all but sold out, and Eurogamer has reported that Microsoft has no plans to manufacture further units. Fans wanting to get their hands on the 2TB smaller Xbox One S console that also doubles as a low-cost Ultra HD DVD player will need to act fast as many leading retailers claim to have already sold out of the product. Microsoft is set to release a Gears of War equivalent in the next month or so, but players wanting their console in white will either have to act quick or wait for the lower spec 500GB and 1TB models set to be release soon.

Gears of War 4 Impact Multiplayer Map

Thanks to IGN, fans of Gears of War got a glimpse of what new Gears 4 map ‘Impact’ will look like in 1080p 60fps. The new map features a range of power weapons and is symmetrically designed to offer greater balance to multiplayer games. The narrators also suggest that the game runs slightly quicker than Gears of War Ultimate Edition, hopefully leading to a slicker Gears experience than ever before. With $1M in prize money announced for the new eSports season, there’s a lot to get excited about with the new Gears.

Rainbow Six Siege Experiences Popularity Explosion

Following the release of Skull Rain, Rainbow Six Siege has seen explosive player interest, the likes of which the game hadn’t previous experienced, even on launch. Ubisoft told IGN that “daily player total is higher today than it was when we first shipped the game.” In fact, a percentage graph featured on the IGN website would suggest that twice as many players are playing Siege today as they were on launch. Maybe it’s time you got involved?