The SCUF Week In Gaming: Oct. 26th to Nov. 1st

With more exciting news this week, including some extra details on the launch of the next Call of Duty, we take a look back at the biggest stories from the past seven days.

Infinite Warfare Post-Beta Changes

A Reddit post outlined changes that are going to be made when Infinite Warfare is officially released as a full game. Major changes include tweaks to each category of weapon thanks to the goldmine of data received from the beta; changes to perks and rig traits; modifications to spawns that look to be ongoing; reduced speed of health regeneration; changes to matchmaking works; time to kill amendments and much more.

The entire Reddit post can be found here.

Gears DLC Released

If you’re a season pass holder, then you can get your hands on two new Gears 4 multiplayer maps today. The Coalition vowed to regularly release new maps and true to their word, they’re going live with two new gameplay arenas. The first two available are remakes of classic maps from Gears of War 3, Drydock and Checkout, while completely new maps will be made available on a monthly basis. If you’re not a season pass holder then you’ll have to wait until November 8th before you can get your hands on the new content.

Rainbow Six Siege Japan DLC Teaser

An image Tweeted by Rainbow Six developers Ubisoft, along with the phrase “the time has come” (written in Japanese), suggests that the game’s final DLC isn’t all that far away. This Tweet follows last week’s supposedly leaked footage from Twitter user @JonKay20 that appeared to show gameplay from the new map set in Japan. There is currently no official release date for the DLC pack.

You can see the Ubisoft Twitter post here:

The gameplay footage can be found here:

Hitman Also Heading to Japan

Like Rainbow Six players, Hitman fans will also head to Japan for the final Agent 47 DLC pack. Unlike Rainbow Six fans, there is to be no cryptic teaser at this point. The pack is now available to get your hands on to complete the final chapter of the episodic Hitman epic. Unsure about whether this DLC pack is for you? Check out the teaser trailer to whet your appetite.

Halloween Game Events

To celebrate the holiday period, a number of popular games have added Halloween themed game events to their releases. In a previous piece we covered Halloween changes to Rocket League and Overwatch, but elsewhere games like GTA Online, Pokémon GO and even Counter Strike: Global Offensive have been getting in on the act. Rockstar went all out for their GTA Online Halloween event, including launching an Angels vs Devils mode; a twist on the Lost vs Damned mode where players are rewarded depending on the time of day. There were also a host of other bonuses available.