The SCUF News In Gaming: Dec. 9th - 15th

In a Christmas season packed with new releases, gamers are faced with some tough choices, and may have to juggle their time between triple-A titles on phone, console and PC. Admittedly it’s not the worst problem to have, but we’ll try and narrow down the challenge with 5 SCUF highlights.

Super Mario Run releases on iOS and Android

Super Mario on a non-Nintendo device? It’s hard to believe but easy to love as the world’s most famous plumber (and video game character period?) embarks on another adventure to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. It all sounds very familiar but in Nintendo’s genius, a fully-fledged Mario experience can be experienced and mastered with just one hand as he runs automatically, leaving you to perform jumps and tricks to collect coins, race against your mates, and build your own Mushroom Kingdom with just your thumb.

Resident Evil 7 Demo now available on Xbox One

Versions of it have been available on the PS4 since E3 but as of December 14th , Xbox One owners – soon followed by PC players on December 19th – have had access to a demo of the latest installment in Capcom’s legendary horror series. Titled ‘Midnight’, it’s the final version of what began as ‘Beginning Hour’ on the PS4. Turns the lights off, crank up the headphones and sink your teeth into the zombie thriller.

Xbox One updated increases download speeds

Xbox One’s most recent system update promises to increase download speeds by up to 80%. details that the main group to benefit is people with connections greater than 100Mbps, while anyone with speeds below that should still enjoy downloads up to 40% quicker. According to our calculations, that’s a 100% guarantee to have more time to actually play the game.

Uncharted 4 Survival mode released

On Tuesday December 13th , Naughty Dog launched their much anticipated Survival mode for Uncharted 4, a wave-based multiplayer mode where up to 3 players join to fend off mobs of enemies over 10 maps. Survive for 10 waves and you’ll encounter a boss battle including a new enemy type in the form of Pirate Warlords. Think zombies on Call of Duty or Horde for Gears of War, molded for the Uncharted world.

Switch to be less powerful than PS4?

Keeping on the subject of Nintendo, VentureBeat have heard from 2 sources that the Switch, Nintendo’s forthcoming portable-home console hybrid, may be less powerful than even the previous generations of PS4 and Xbox One. Switch is reported use a custom Maxwell Tegra chip with a 1 teraflop performance, well below the 6 and 4.2 teraflops of Project Scorpio and the PS4Pro respectively, and barely a match for Xbox One’s and PS4’s 1.3 and 1.8 teraflops. Not for the first time, it seems that Nintendo are focusing on other qualities rather than pure horsepower.