The SCUF News in eSports: Nov. 10th - 16th

Once again we’re taking a look at the biggest eSports stories from the console world. Here are our top five picks of the last seven days.

Evil Geniuses Return to Call of Duty

After a lengthy hiatus from Call of Duty, Evil Geniuses announced their return to the scene with the acquisition of a newly formed team, led by veteran Anthony ‘Nameless’ Wheeler. Bringing together talent from Luminosity, Elevate, and compLexity, the new-look EG team combines experience with youth in a team that looks promising enough to gain qualification to this year’s Pro League. The new team will have big shoes to fill, given that Evil Geniuses’ last foray into Call of Duty started with the acquisition of arguably the game’s greatest team ever.

NA HCS Pro League Season Concludes

Team EnVyUs has beat rivals OpTic Gaming to the top spot in the North American regular season of the Halo Championship Series Pro League. Boasting an impressive 13-1 record, nV topped the group, with OpTic not far behind with an 11-3 record. 3rd and 4th was shared between Team Liquid and the recently rebranded Str8 Rippin, the latter having formed in the wake of their departure from OpTic Gaming. Facing relegation this season will be Enigma6 and Team Allegiance, both of which will battle it out with the best of the non-Pro Leagues for places in next season’s competition.

More EU Call of Duty Team News

Yet more team news coming out of Europe this week, as Supremacy announces their new French and Belgium line up. With Millenium moving to acquire the services of two former Supremacy stars, the France-based organization was forced to rebuild from the ground up. This week they announced their new foursome will be Vortex, Senka, Eazy, and Hosterz. Also coming out of the European scene this week, Qwiker, real name Shea Sweeney, took to Twitlonger to announce that Carbines had been replaced by Revolt on his team’s roster. The team is currently without an organization to represent going into the Infinite Warfare season. Qwiker outlined the team’s goals as qualifying for the CoD World League, claiming that Revolt is simply a better fit for the team that looks to have great potential on paper. Both teams will turn will with great anticipation of the impending CWL announcement in the coming weeks.

Gfinity Announce $25,000 Modern Warfare Remastered Tournament

The Call of Duty 4 remake has been extremely well received by fans, both new and old, leading to British based organisers Gfinity to offer up a $25,000 prize purse in what could be the first of many international calibre MWR competitions. The tournament does come with a caveat, however, and looks set to be played on the PC, with a mix of console and PC teams invited to compete. There remains some uncertainty about whether players will be competing with keyboard and mouse, or a controller, but whatever happens, it’s sure to be an excellent showcase of the console and PC classic that really kicked the whole series into overdrive.

Karma Features in Music Video

Karma, one of Call of Duty’s most decorated players and two-time World Champion, has turned his hand to acting with an appearance in St. Louis based rapper, Trenton P’s latest music video. In the video Karma, real name Damon Barlow, is a gun for hire who’s drafted in to save the kidnapped Trenton P as he’s being held hostage at a UMG event. You can watch the full video on the UMG Gaming YouTube channel now: