Scuf Gaming Meets Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The moment Call of Duty fans have been waiting for is finally here - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has finally arrived!  Advanced Warfare (AW) brings numerous changes that would be expected of a new game, new guns, maps, equipment, etc., but it also brings one major change that no other Call of Duty has featured, “Verticality”. “Verticality” brings AW to an entirely new level, literally. The new Exo-Suit allows players to move faster, deploy shield, cloak, and more in order to reach new heights, perform new maneuvers, and play Call of Duty like never before.

With all of these changes coming in to play, no other piece of equipment is better suited to enhance your gameplay than a custom SCUF Controller. The back paddles of your SCUF will be used more than ever with AW’s focus on mobility; being able to hit those key jumps, drops, and Exo-abilities while never losing sight of your enemy is crucial to hitting the top of the leaderboards. With that in mind, here’s some of our recommendations for paddle configurations when playing AW:

To begin, we still like the “traditional” paddle configuration we used for all Call of Duty games; left paddle A and right paddle B for Xbox – left paddle X and right paddle O for Playstation. This configuration will give you maximum coverage of your movement both on and off the ground, and allow you to run circles around your opponents.  The paddles in this configuration help you take your Advanced Warfare game to the next level.

Another configuration we like is left paddle A, right paddle X (X/Square for PS). With the new reload mechanic in AW (you’re able to double tap reload to discard the clip for a faster reload), we’ve found that being able to reload quickly is the key between life and death in a firefight. Ammo is extremely plentiful in the game, so we often choose to sacrifice a few rounds in order to guarantee survival, or some crucial kills.

Finally, for you 4 paddle users, the configuration is based entirely on how you want to play. For the run and gun types, AYXB, or AYBX allow you to gain momentum and keep it as you tear through the battlefield. If you’re a Sniper or Trickshotter you may want to try ABXY for the quick weapon swaps while keeping the mobility buttons, A and B, close together.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to you as a gamer as to how to configure your custom SCUF Controller for Advanced Warfare. If you’re still unsure of what you’ll like best, you’re in luck because of one controller option, the EMR. Configure a custom SCUF Controller with the EMR (Electromagnetic Remapping) and you can swap paddle configurations to whatever you want, whenever you want. Feel like playing an Assault Rifle one map but with a Sniper the next? Simply use your SCUF Mag Key, swap your paddle configurations, and you’re good to go. The EMR has been essential to our game in AW so far, and we highly recommend it for gamers of all levels.


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