Scuf Gaming are delighted to release the SCUF Striker

PRESS RELEASE 20th Sept 2014: Scuf Gaming are delighted to release the SCUF Striker in time for FIFA14 and ProEvolutionSoccer2014.

The SCUF Striker is a totally redesigned SCUF controller with features perfect for Football/ Soccer gaming enthusiasts. We want every gamer to have the ability to customize their controller to suit their gameplay and style. The SCUF Striker does exactly this:-

1.) Totally re-engineered new back shape for the Xbox controller which locks your hands in place (with military grade grip options) designed for SCUF paddles and hair trigger adjustments
2.) Wireless controller with NEW SCUF lithium battery to provide lighter and longer gameplay. Wired controller option also available for competitive
3.) Choose from 2 or 4 paddle options where the 2 outside paddles can be fully re-mappable and mimic any of the A,B,X,Y, LB, RB, Back or Left Thumbstick down functions. This enables you to control your players with more of your hand and react faster with more advanced moves.
4.) Choose from taller domed sticks or concave sticks for left or right thumbsticks to provide more accuracy and skill
5.) Designs to suit your Team preference – more designs coming soon!

With the above features and design, Scuf Gaming expect the SCUF Striker to appeal to a broad range of gamers, from FIFA to Pro Evolution to general gamers because this controller works perfectly for ANY Xbox360 or PC game.

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