Scuf Gaming announces the issuance of another US Patent

PRESS RELEASE July 24th 2013 – Scuf Gaming & Ironburg Inventions (Invention/ Patent subsidiary) announces the issuance of another US Patent; No 8,480,491 which relates to the adjustable trigger system for calibration or customized control of trigger action on a Gaming controller.

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder Scuf Gaming/ Ironburg says; “We are delighted to have been issued another Patent by the USPTO which further protects the SCUF controller being copied. We have spent the last 30 months educating people on how to use the unique features of the SCUF controller so having the added protection for the Hair Trigger and Trigger stop mechanism we invented 3 years ago is great news! This patent will add to our Global Patent bank and Design rights which already covers the Rear Paddles on a Gaming controller.”