PRESS RELEASE: Scuf Gaming partners with Epsilon eSports – February 4th 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Scuf Gaming partners with Epsilon eSports – February 4th 2014

Epsilon eSports is delighted to partner with Scuf Gaming.




ABOUT EPSILON ESPORTS: Founded in 2008 with the goal of becoming a symbol in the world of eSports, Epsilon has acquired a number of impressive results on the PC and console eSports science. With an impressive 2013 Call Of Duty season, Epsilon was recognized as a top European team finishing 2nd place at GFinity2 and 3rd place at the ESWC Finals in Paris; also a venue where their FIFA player Epsilon Vinch took the title of World Champion!


Samy Mazouzi, eSport Director Epsilon eSports: “We are delighted to finally be working with the number one professional controller company. Scuf Gaming not only design and build the best equipment, they are also dedicated to the Pro Gaming community. Our players simply love their equipment and we are all very happy to commence this relationship with SCUF.”


Used by over 85% of Pro-Gamers for Shooters, the SCUF Controller is an essential professional grade gaming accessory that enables gamers to use more of their hand is a safe and ergonomic way. The SCUF controller has clever features like back paddles, adjustable trigger mechanisms and a choice of different shaped SCUF sticks. SCUF Controllers have become the Pro Gamers choice to aid their game play, while reducing the risk of obtaining hand injuries caused by compromising actions like CLAW Grip.




Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder Scuf Gaming: “This season couldn’t have got more exciting following the recent announcement of the Call of Duty Championships 2014 qualifiers; and it’s a perfect timing to welcome Epsilon into #TeamSCUF. Placing 5th at the $1m COD Championship last year, Epsilon have rewarded Europe with great results. As their objectives grow, so do their expectations - choosing SCUF controllers is further testimony to the quality we are driven to provide.”


ABOUT SCUF GAMING: A Company focused on providing “tactical gear for elite gamers”. It all started in 2010 - until the SCUF was invented gamers could only use compromising techniques like CLAW to play with more of their hand. Using patented back paddles, which mimic the front buttons, Scuf Gaming made it possible to display more dexterity is a safe, ergonomic way. Scuf Gaming also offers features such as adjustable hair triggers, trigger stops, military grade SCUF Grip and optional domed or concave SCUF sticks. SCUF Controllers are legally approved for use at most major competitions to include MLG, EGL, WGL, G-finity, Reflex, UMG, ESL, etc. When we designed the SCUF, our focus was to reduce unnecessary latency in hand movement and allow experienced gamers to game for longer while using more of their hand in a safe and ergonomic way. Scuf gaming also sell a variety of accessories and apparel specifically designed for Elite Gamers.
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