Overwatch Overview

With an accumulative 4.9 billion minutes (over 7,000 years) of play and over 9.7 million players in the beta alone, chances are you’ve been enjoying Overwatch as much as TeamSCUF!


Overwatch’s colorful cast of characters lead to unique team compositions and intense, objective-oriented game play, and our SCUF was with us every step of the way. The game is strictly online and objective-based, and that means no campaign mode. Only mayhem. Team synergy and clever use of your abilities are key to victory!



Because your hero’s main abilities are set to bumpers, we used a ‘Y’ / ‘A’ paddle configuration for Xbox and a Triangle / ‘X’ 4PS setup for mobility and ult dropping. This flexibility for jumping and climbing is especially nice for both ninjas, and almost required for Pharah players who enjoy spending a lot of time in the air while raining rockets on enemies. Trigger stops are a natural pick for this shooter, and they’ve aided us equally well on both of our Infinity Series controllers.


The main two recommended features for your SCUF are the EMR and Trigger Stops which allow for effective paddle setup and a major drop in trigger latency. That way, your DPS starts first!


Overwatch can be defined in two words: Straightforward and Fun. Whether you are going stag or pushing payloads with your team, Overwatch is definitely a blast and we highly recommend bringing our SCUF Controllers to the fray!


It might even help you steal the Play Of The Game from Bastion.