The single most pre-ordered game of all time, Destiny, has arrived, and we at SCUF are just as excited as everyone else. After some time playing the game, we can attest that using a SCUF Custom Controller strongly improves your gameplay in multiple ways. The paddles are the largest factor; the gun fights in Destiny are fast and fierce, and being able to jump, turn, dash, aim, and fire all at the same time is a massive help. There's tons more to say about the game, and in the coming months, SCUF will be working on a companion guide for Destiny and other new releases. You can expect to see gameplay tips and tricks, as well as how we recommend configuring your SCUF controller for each game, and each class within the game. For now, check out our overview on each of the classes below:


The Titan is big, bad, and in your face. Our experience has us playing the Titan to its strengths; using his stun grenade on a group of enemies, and then diving in with his powered up melee and Striker abilities. We normally ran the Titan with an auto rifle, shotgun, and rocket launcher, so you can still be versatile at range and close up. We recommend using an ABYX paddle configuration for the Titan; you need to be mobile and you will be reloading a lot.


To us, the Warlock is a class that excels in ranged firefights. We would use the Voidwalker ability whenever possible, raining down a devastating bolt of energy on any enemy below. Weapons-wise, we tended to play with Scout Rifles and Fusion Rifles. Both give you the ability to play the mid to long range game, while still offering great firepower and versatility. We swapped between two main configurations on our controller paddles while playing the Warlock, ABYX, and AXYB. The former offers you quick mobility and reload capabilities for your midrange game, while the latter gives you even more mobility in the form of the crouch and slide for better positioning.


The Hunter is a hybrid class that can do well both from a great distance or up close and personal. Quick and agile is the name of the Hunter's game, and its Gunslinger ability emphasizes this. Offering a 1 shot kill, the "golden gun" is devastating. We would often switch between our Sniper Rifle and primary weapon while playing the Hunter; giving us a chance to clean up an enemy that didn't die from one shot with the Sniper rifle. Our paddle configuration ran ABXY, as mobility and weapon swapping were our two main concerns.


Each class in Destiny offers different play styles, which only add intricacies as you level up. As you and your character level up and evolve, your gameplay should do the same. That is why we absolutely recommend the EMR feature for Destiny (available now for the custom SCUF One controllers and coming soon for the custom SCUF 4PS!).


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