Welcome to the SCUF legend guide for Loba in Apex Legends. If you’re new to Apex or just looking to learn everything you can about the various playable legends in Apex Legends you’ve come to the right place. In a game where gear can make the difference between a quick death and a fierce gunfight Loba the translocating thief assures any team including this legend has the loot advantage. Loba is a support legend with a focus on repositioning and safe loot acquisition for her squad. If you don’t like going into gunfights until you’re absolutely maxed out in the best gear available on the map, Loba might be the perfect legend for you. The best Loba players keep strong communication open with their team to ensure they’re always rolling with the best gear in every slot, plenty of shields and medpacks, and all the ammo they’ll ever need for every engagement. The most skilled players will also use the extended range of Loba’s passive loot finding to find when enemy players are looting from high value loot areas on the map, giving their team insight on where other well geared squads might be located. If the loot queen of Apex Legends sounds right up your alley read on for all the details on Loba’s abilities and a few tips to keep you playing at the top of your game


Loba’s abilities are all centered around getting her squad the gear advantage early to make gunfights more favorable for her squad. As games go on Loba players use their abilities to keep their team topped off in gunfights while positioning themselves in opportune striking locations using their tactical ability.
  • Eye for Quality (Passive) - Epic and Legendary loot that is nearby can be seen through walls. Loba has the ability to mark this loot for squadmates.
  • Burglar’s Best Friend (Tactical) - Throw your jump drive bracelet and then teleport to its location after a brief delay.
  • Black Market Boutique (Ultimate) - Place an interactable market that players can use to loot any items in the nearby area directly into their inventory. Each player can loot two items, not including ammo from the Black Market.
  • With a good eye and a solid landing spot Loba players can have their whole squad looted up within the first few minutes of landing. Good situational awareness can also let Loba players know when players are moving in on their location or looting nearby. Nothing makes a better trap than an unassuming legendary item lying around in the open. Loba’s looting skills blended with her movement tactical allows for a strong early game where strong players will find themselves rewarded for early aggression. Loba’s gameplay starts to require a higher skill level as the match progresses and other squads start getting loaded out. This is where a talented Loba player shines by keeping their squad topped up with shield hotswaps and grenades.
    With the right squad composition and some aggressive play you can ensure your squad always has the best loot on the map.


    Keep these tips in mind while playing Loba to make sure you’re getting the most our of this support legend in your games.
  • Burglar’s Best Friend is not a get out of jail free card, it is best used for repositioning during gunfights. You are left vulnerable at the start and end of your teleport animation so if you’re using it to try to escape you’re more likely to get gunned down.
  • Black Market Boutique has two primary uses throughout your games. It can be placed in safe locations to allow your team to loot without worry of unexpected engagements or it can be thrown down mid-firefight behind cover to give your squad quick and easy access to gear they need mid-fight.
  • Focus on gunplay, positioning, and communication during gunfights, not your abilities. Loba’s kit is best used in moments of safety or the lulls while enemy teams are recharging in a gunfight. Don’t worry about using your abilities in the middle of a fight until you have a really strong grasp of how to use them creatively.
  • Pay attention to the rare items in your area, even if they aren’t needed by you or your squad. Your squad will thank you when you call out an epic or legendary item that got picked up or dropped nearby. Loba’s passive outranges both Bloodhound and Seer’s similar abilities so you might get the drop on squads that would normally expect to go unnoticed.
  • Your ultimate has a very short cooldown and starts half full at the start of each match. Use this as often as possible to get your squad geared up and winning gunfights quickly.
  • Loba makes for an exceptional learning legend for players that are new to Apex Legends while also providing some reward to higher skill players looking to play a very team focussed game. Keep your communication strong and our tips in mind and you and your friends will be picking up victories left and right in no time.
    If you are interested in learning more about Loba watch the video above from Staycation for more or read the full video transcription below. Be sure to check out all our other Apex Legends content by following any of the links below as well.