Scuf Gaming continues its partnership with American rock band, Avenged Sevenfold, releasing the limited edition SCUF Avenged Infinity1 controller for Xbox One.  The limited edition SCUF Avenged Infinity1 has a repeating print of the band’s logo on the front shell, the band’s Death Bat logo on the guide button and SCUF Avenged Infinity1 removable paddles on the reverse of the controller.  With its cool modular design, the Avenged Infinity1 allows the gamer to change thumbsticks, paddles, dpad and grips in seconds.  This controller is an exciting new addition to the SCUF Avenged Series.

SCUF Avenged controllers are hand crafted, unique and come with an authentication certificate with signatures of Avenged band members. The band’s lead vocalist, M. Shadows, is an avid Call Of Duty® gamer and fell in love with SCUF controllers when he began using them in early 2012.

M. Shadows says, “The band is excited to continue our partnership with SCUF. The response to the SCUF Avenged controllers has been amazing over the past few years! As an avid gamer myself, I continue to improve because I’m using what the pros use, a SCUF, and I’m thrilled that we can now share the Avenged Infinity1 with our fans. It’s a dope controller!”

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