Introducing The Controller Of The Month: The SCUF Pink Ribbon

Scuf Gaming is proud to announce its support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the introduction of our first Controller of the Month: the SCUF Pink Ribbon. Emblazoned with a shower of pink in a soft touch finish, the Pink Ribbon stands as a proud representative of breast cancer survivors and those we've lost along the way. But don't let the delicate exterior fool you: each of these handcrafted controllers comes equipped with the same premium technology that has kept SCUF in hands of 90% of Pro Players for years.


Keeping with the theme of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a portion of every Pink Ribbon sold will go toward Breast Cancer Research and Awareness.

With this inaugural Controller of the Month, Scuf Gaming hopes to offer a tribute to survivors all over the world. This limited edition SCUF Infinity Series controller is available for Xbox One and PS4. Whether it's a gift for yourself or someone you know, pick one up before they're gone!