GTA's Adversary Mode, Injustice 2 Beta, and MORE!

2017 is well underway with a whole host of excellent games set for release this year. Here are our picks of the biggest stories for the last seven weeks in gaming.

GTA Introduce New Adversary Mode

It’s 2017 and GTA Online continues to deliver new experiences to their users. This week that experience is a new adversary mode. In the newest addition to the GTA library, players battle it out in teams of 2 or 4 to collect points in the forms of bags of money. The winner is the team with the most bags of money when the time runs out. As well as the new adversary mode, there’s a new custom car, premium race and a host of discounts available.

Resident Evil 7 Season Pass Announced

Details of the contents of the RE7 Season Pass were released this week, including the chapters that will be made available. The three downloads are entitled ‘Banned Footage Vol. 1,’ ‘Banned Footage Vol. 2,’ and Additional Story Episode. While the cards are being held close to Capcom’s chest, fans won’t have to wait all that long for all three to be revealed, as an announcement on Steam confirms that all three downloads will be released this year. The price of the Season Pass is also yet to be announced. The full game will be available to buy 24th January.

Half-Life 3 Still Not Happening

There’s been plenty of buzz around Gabe Newell’s AMA. The Valve co-founder took to Reddit to answer fan questions, several of which unsurprisingly included the possibility of Half-Life 3. While such a release hasn’t been completely ruled out, at the present time it looks unlikely to take shape. Instead, Newell confirmed the team was focusing on Single Player games. Gabe Newell did confirm that the JJ Abrams Half Life film project is still in the works.

Overwatch tease Year of the Rooster Event

The team behind Overwatch has teased what seems to be a Chinese New Year event, set to be revealed further later this month. Part of the reveal includes what seems to be new skins for characters D.Va. and Mei. 2016 saw Overwatch fans treated to a number of new maps and characters, the latter of which were slowly revealed to fans through a series of encrypted messages.

Injustice 2 Beta Announced

Fans of Injustice can now sign up to the BETA of the sequel to get their first taste of the game before the official release in May. The DC Comics based fighting game is set to launch in May of this year, with three packages being available to buy. As well as the Standard package, fans can also buy Deluxe and Ultimate editions of the title.