"Good to saw you again" - Gears of War from SCUF's Perspective

As soon as the sound of a revving chainsaw came through the headset there was a smirk, followed by nostalgia.

The Gears of War Beta began as early as April 18th for fans who have been playing the Ultimate Edition, and will be going until May 1st. Hardcore fans are going to feel right at home since the beta sports a very familiar feel to the previous titles. In the beta, you get to play on 3 different maps and 2 different game types, Team Death Match and the new Dodgeball. We also got to play with some of our favorite weapons like the obligatory Lancer, the Hammerburst, Gnasher, Torque Bow and even a newcomer; the Dropshot.

They have added in several really cool noteworthy features which encourage the aggressive game play that Gears is known for. Nade-tagging and wall-tagging are both back, but we have only seen the smoke grenades so far. There is a fun new maneuver players have name the “Yank and Shank” which brutally punishes opposing players behind cover in classic Gears fashion. One last new change that we really like is that you can active reload the entire clip even when it’s full – bonus damage for the win!

There some things to consider when jumping into Gears with a customized SCUF controller. Firstly, trigger stops are viable and definitely recommended. In Gears of War getting the first shot really matters because chances are until you snatch up a power weapon, everyone else is going to be sprinting around the map with a gnasher. Next up is the number of paddles you want to use and what they are set to. The SCUF Infinity1 has paddles that snap or clip into place so the first part of the question is really easy to experiment with, we stuck with 4.

For the configuration, we switched between B/A or X/A. A on the right is nice for sprinting and Wall Cancels; but keep in mind there is about a 1 to 2 second cool down for those now. B is good for melee and also because it’s how you counter a “Yank and Shank”. X is an alternative for more of a stand back support type of style, you can revive downed teammates while keeping total control of the camera and the Curb Stomp never hurts either. For thumbsticks, we used a SCUF Concave Regular on the right which let us get our thumbs in there for the intense run and gun play style, and then a SCUF Domed Medium on the right. The little bit of extra height on the right helped us out with accuracy when we increased the sensitivity to keep up with the shotguns.

We’ve had a blast playing the beta and if you haven’t checked it out yet you can still clock some hours in before it ends. If you liked the earlier installments this won’t disappoint and you even have a few new changes to master while you play. If you feel like upping your game then grab a customized SCUF Infinity1 by clicking on the link.

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