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Looking for a gift for the gamer in your life, but not sure where to start? SCUF
provides the best performance controllers on the market - for an improved gaming experience while matching your style. Each SCUF controller is customizable from how it looks to which features are suited for the type of gamer in mind. SCUF controllers are perfect for those who love shooter games, but are also great for those who play a wide variety of different types of games. 

Let’s take a look at each type of controller can offer: 

The SCUF INFINITY4PSPRO is the entry into the world of performance controllers with two paddles on the back and a similar shape to a regular PS4 Controller. It is compatible with the PS4, PC, and Mobile Devices. 

SCUF IMPACT is the next level up with 4 paddles on the back for PS4, PC, and Mobile. It has a wider shape than a regular PS4 controller, so it’s great for those who have larger hands.

SCUF PRESTIGE has 4 paddles and a similar comfortable shape to the Xbox One controller.  It is compatible with Xbox One, as well as the next generation of consoles: Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC + Mobile. 

Each custom controller in the builder has several options to select: 

EMR: Choosing EMR will allow the paddles on the back of the controller to be remapped to whichever buttons someone wants instead of the default buttons. Great for customizing the controller to how one likes to play. 

Trigger Systems: There are three types of trigger systems to choose from which will affect how the buttons on the top back of the controller function.

  • Default - This option leaves the triggers as normal, like any other controller. 

  • Trigger Control System - This option adds a switch to the triggers that can be turned on to decrease how far the trigger has to go to activate. It also adds the ability to adjust the hair triggers which will increase the button’s response time. This option is great for shooter games and some action/adventure games.

  • Digital Tap Triggers - This option makes the triggers function similar to the click of a mouse button. This option is recommended only for shooter games and perfect for those who are really into shooters. 

Thumbsticks: Each SCUF Controller has interchangeable thumbsticks to increase comfort and suit hand size + playstyle. There are choices for shape and height.

  • Concave - Concave shape allows the thumb to dig in for more rapid movements and easier thumbstick clicks

  • Domed - Domed shape provides more subtle control for precise movements

  • Short - Shorter length means less distance to travel for faster reactions

  • Tall - Longer length provides a better angle for increased

Control Disc: This option provides a circular disc on top of the D-Pad on the left and makes it easier for players to hit diagonal directs if needed, like in fighting games. It is removable, so you can still use a regular D-Pad for other games too. 

Grip: There are three options for grip for the SCUF Infinity4PSPro and the SCUF IMPACT.

  • No Grip - This option will leave the back of the controller smooth

  • Military Grade - A textured plastic grip, will help reduce sweat when playing for long periods of time and improve comfort. 

  • High-Performance - A rubberized grip that will reduce sweat and slippage when playing for long periods of time and improve comfort. 

Rumbles: Rumbles are what cause a controller to vibrate when certain things happen in game. By default, they are left in the controller. There is an option to remove them which will decrease the weight of the controller and will remove any unwanted movement when playing. Usually a choice for very competitive shooting game players. 

If you’re looking for more assistance in choosing the best controller for the gamer in your life, check out our Controller Finder.

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