After days of gameplay, charity, and sleep-deprived entertainment, the 2016 Race To Prestige has finally come and gone. This year the world got its hands on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, introducing a very new style of game to fans of the long-standing, multi-billion dollar franchise. Futuristic armaments and mechanical rigs have been added to an already chaotic multiplayer game mode, and fans of eSports the world over were looking forward to seeing how that would change team composition and strategy.

2016 Race To Prestige New Added Gameplay

Another new addition to the proud tradition of The Race was the introduction of OpTic Gaming’s team OpTicRTP. As the broadcasts began, viewers all over the world were treated to live video of the OpTic SCUF House and nearly every single team member playing their hearts out. Everyone from Scump to Karma to Hector were present to help ring in the latest Call of Duty, and it was clear that they were having a blast. In a fan favorite moment, Jamie Gray Hyder, who voiced and provided motion capture for Nora Salter, stopped by for a few hours to play and promote Infinite Warfare. She talked to fans and provided some insights into her Navy SEAL training and chats with NASA about space combat. She even shared some thoughts on jetpacks and the strong feelings of the player base surrounding them.

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The donations rolled in steadily as the days passed, and ultimately over $100,000 was raised for the Call of Duty Endowment, and it will all go toward helping countless veterans find work.

Team SCUF is proud to have been a part of The Race To Prestige this year and in years gone by. It’s always a week of exciting action and generosity for a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Now that the 2016 Race is over, let us know: what were some of your favorite moments? Did you get into the giving spirit and donate?

The best part about the world of eSports is that the next terrific event is always around the corner, and without fail Team SCUF will be there.