A Look Back At The Race To Prestige: 2011

Few gaming events conjure up the excitement and altruism of The Race To Prestige. The act of “Prestiging” is a true achievement in the world of Call of Duty, requiring an olympian-level endurance. However, don’t be fooled. This is a race based on dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and many sleepless nights. Beyond that, it represents a prime opportunity to give something back to the community during one of the most popular celebrations of eSports. In the years since it’s begun, records have been set, kings have been dethroned, and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised in the name of charity.

But where did The Race To Prestige begin?

In the following five days of excitement, Scuf Gaming will be taking a look back at some of the earliest days of this marathon-paced event, in a salute to one of our favorite annual eSports traditions. For the uninitiated, The Race To Prestige is a multi-day event immediately following the release of the latest in the Call of Duty franchise. Players of every stripe grind through levels in the multiplayer arena in order to max out their level as quickly as possible. Once the player has reached the cap, they attain Prestige, and start over from level one. A mark of honor as well as a sign of dedication to the game, making it to Prestige is a goal for CoD players the world over.



In 2011, The Race To Prestige hadn’t attained the formality or recognition that it would gain in years to come. In those earliest years, The Race was more of a free-for-all challenge: an open invitation to the Call of Duty world in order to foster a sense of community and the ultimate in bragging rights. Players of every skill rank and level of recognition joined together for a chance to to become a Prestige Master, turn back the clock, and start over again with the knowledge that they had faced everything that the game could throw at them.

This level of camaraderie and friendly competition are what gave rise to The Race as we know it today. As the 2016 Race To Prestige unfolds, Scuf Gaming will be having a look back at years previous: from 2012’s first Prestige Master in the world, to the recent record-breaking charity donations that have been secured for the Call of Duty Endowment. Join us in the following week to get a sense of where The Race To Prestige has been, and where it could be going!

Be sure to check out the The Race’s Twitch stream here in order to watch some of the greatest players in the world fight their way to the top.