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MLG Atlanta: The SCUF Saturday Recap!

There's only one day left for MLG Atlanta, and Saturday's incredible series of battles have made it clear that the final Sunday is going to be an amazing finale! EnVyUs made it to the winner's bracket with an impressive 3-1 win against OpTic, and they'll face Luminosity today. That'll be paired with the showstopper of FaZe Clan facing off against eUnited. All in all: Championship Sunday is looking to be the most exciting event of 2017!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

The action was equally amped up at the SCUF Booth, where OpTic Gaming, Team Kaliber, Splyce, and FaZe Clan made it out to sign autographs and get their fans pumped for a weekend of gaming! TeamSCUF even got to meet a pair of die hards who showed off their SCUF tattoos: now that's dedication!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

There's only one day left, and the crowd at MLG Atlanta is deafening! There's no way to know for sure who's going to come out on top, and we can't wait to see the final results!