Marvel's Avengers Game Guide

Marvel's Avengers Game Guide

The long awaited Marvel's Avengers by Square Enix is here, released on September 4th, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC (and soon to be on PS5, Xbox Series X/S). Whether you’re playing the single player campaign to embrace your powers as Kamala Khan aka Ms.Marvel or playing as your favorite Avenger in the multiplayer co-op, we have the best recommendations to improve your gameplay. 

Top Tips For Marvel's Avengers

  • Play the Campaign first. While you can go straight into the Avengers Initiative multiplayer, it can spoil parts of the story for you.

  • Resources are for unlocking new gear and boosting power level. The various resources you acquire throughout the campaign can be used to power up your gear, but will also be used for purchasing gear later on when you unlock shopkeepers. Keep in mind that the gear isn’t as important during the campaign play, so don’t stress it.

  • Increase mobility with running attacks. Each hero has different abilities you can unlock, and running attacks will increase your mobility and also do a lot of damage. There are two types for each hero, one to hit one enemy that is very quick, and the other is usually a super strong running attack which will affect multiple enemies. 

  • Cancel Attacks Strategically. Some attacks have a huge wind up which gives the enemy a chance to hit and stun you - if you see this coming, you can cancel your attack by jumping or dodging. 

  • Take out Turrets and Flying Enemies first. These types of enemies are often a nuisance to deal with while fighting a horde of enemies on the ground, so it’s best to go for them first to have an easier time with the rest.

  • Do Harm Challenges. Harm Challenges are survival horde style missions where waves of enemies come to fight. You gain the most XP from fighting enemies, so this is a perfect way to net a lot of experience. 

  • Do Hive Missions. Hive missions are multi-floored gauntlet styled missions with objectives to complete. These take a while to play through, but they net a lot of experience and are a great way to level up quickly. 

Play Better in Marvel's Avengers with SCUF


SCUF Infinity4PSPRO Marvel's Avengers PS4 Controller

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When you’re in the middle of an intense fight with lots of enemies, you want to focus on hitting your combo attacks rather than dodging out of the way. With this layout, you can easily press your right paddle to dodge incoming attacks while focusing on your combos to take your enemies out. You can also use the paddles in tandem with the face buttons to perform combo attacks a little quicker.  

Marvel's Avengers PS4 Controller Setup SCUF IMPACTLearn More About SCUF IMPACT

Marvel's Avengers Xbox Controller Setup SCUF PrestigeLearn More About SCUF Prestige 



Planning on grinding for gear for hours or you’re too hooked on the campaign story to stop playing? High-performance grip will keep your head in the game and reduce sweat during long hours of gameplay. A lot more comfortable, and no worries about slipping up. 


Thumbsticks are an unique preference for each person as we all have different hand sizes and play styles. Since SCUF thumbsticks are interchangeable, you can try out different combinations to suit you. 

  • If you like to use the lock-on system a lot, we recommend two concave thumbsticks. The concave style of the thumbstick allows you to have more grip and control for when you’re moving, and feels better when clicking in the right thumbstick to lock on. 
  • If you prefer to not use the lock-on system, we recommend a concave thumbstick and a domed thumbstick. The concave style will once again keep you in control of your movement with the ability to dig into the grip, but the domed shape on the right thumbstick will give you the ability to roll the thumbstick easier to aim. 

Either way, try out different styles and heights to see what works best for you.

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