Hitman 3 Game Guide

Hitman 3 Game Guide

The final installment to the Hitman series, Hitman 3, by IO Interactive has arrived. Determine which ways you want to take out your targets - from poisoning drinks to throwing a banana at someone’s head, there are endless possibilities. Learn some top tips and how to play better with SCUF.

Hitman 3 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Keep in mind that the SCUF Infinity4PSPro and SCUF IMPACT are only compatible with the PS4 editions of COD: Black Ops Cold War. For more information on compatibility, check here.


Hitman 3 Gameplay Tips

  • Explore the Level. Every season Hitman gathers all the intel they need to know before continuing their mission. As you walk around you’ll learn key information to help you complete your contract successfully. 

  • Save Save Save. Seriously, remember to save, especially if you want to try something experimental or even silly, saving will allow you to reload from that point if you need to. Otherwise you’ll have to replay a whole segment over again. You can also complete challenges this way by reloading to take out a target a different way - this will count both for the challenges completed! 

  • Subtitles are Your Friend. Subtitles will appear even for overheard conversations while you’re walking around which will be great for intel, including passwords.

  • Pick Up Any Items. There is no inventory limit, so pick up anything you see which can be used in creative ways for your mission. Keep in mind, illegal items like weapons will be marked in red which you’ll want to drop somewhere if it’s a secured area with a stop-n-frisk. 

  • Place Weapons for a Distraction. You can place items using LB and RB when an item is equipped. You can place weapons in a NPC’s pathway which will trigger a response when they see the weapon. This is a way to get a NPC like a guard to leave their post or their routine. 

  • Beware of Enforcers. These are NPCs or guards with a white dot over their heads/on the minimap that can sniff you out and expose you. There are certain areas where you can blend in to avoid detection if you’re in the right disguise, though. 

  • Use Your Instinct. This ability allows you to see through walls, and highlights points of interests, enforcers, and targets. 

  • Choose How You Want to Play. There are a million different ways to take out a target in any given level, explore different routes and have fun with it. 


Play Better with SCUF

Just like Hitman 3 allows you to tailor your gameplay how you want, you can customize your SCUF to how you like to play. 

Paddles allow you to have quick access to items in your inventory without reaching for the D-Pad. This is especially useful to disable guards quickly and quietly. Paddles can also help you crouch, interact, run, or use your instinct quickly and comfortably by using your fingers on the back of the controller.

SCUF Infinity4PSPRO Hitman 3 PS4 Controller Set Up


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High Performance Grip

While you’re playing for hours on end to completing different challenges and being a top class assassin, high-performance grip will reduce slippage and increase comfort during long hours of play. Don’t let sweaty hands get in the way of your contracts.


Become The Ultimate Hitman

Take advantage of the tips throughout this guide to up your assassin skills. Let us know how you’re enjoying this killer game over on  Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook