4 Controller Layouts for Gears 5

4 Controller Layouts for Gears 5

Everyone has different playstyles and preferences; our recommended Xbox One & PC controller, the SCUF Prestige, has 4 paddles that can be remapped to 14 different controller functions. We have narrowed down 4 top controller layouts for you to try in Gears 5 - and you can of course create your very own layout to fit your style as well. 

The Essentials Layout

SCUF Prestige Gears 5 Controller Layout

Starting out, this layout is the default way your controller is mapped, but it’s also great starting point for any player as it covers all your necessary functions to keep your thumb on the thumbstick ready to aim. Keep your aim accurate as you run for cover, wall bounce, vault, and melee in the middle of shooting enemies.

SCUF’s Recommended Layout 

SCUF Prestige Gears 5 Controller Layout

This layout is the most versatile: you can Roadie Run, Evade Enemies, and Take Cover as separate functions instead of being bound to one button while moving and aiming giving you more control and be harder to hit. 

To use this layout, start by going into Settings > Controller > Controller Scheme > Classic-Alt. This will separate Roadie Run/Evade and Take Cover to be used as two separate buttons, giving you more control over your movement. 

Next, map the farthest left Paddle to X for Roadie Run/Evade and then the farthest right paddle to A for Take Cover. Then map the inner left paddle to Y for Use/Revive/Meatshield and the inner right paddle to B for Melee. 

Reload Layout 

SCUF Prestige Gears 5 Controller Layout

This layout is recommended for players who prefer having reload on a paddle where it's convenient to access, like in other shooting games.  You can still do all the essentials like Roadie Run, Take Cover, and Vault but also Reload, all while moving and aiming. 

To use this layout, keep the Outer Left Paddle mapped to Roadie Run/Take Cover (A) and the Outer Right Paddle mapped to Melee/Vault/Counter (B). Then map the Inner Left Paddle to Reload (RB) and the Inner Right Paddle to Use/Revive/Meatshield (X).

Weapon Switch Layout 

Gears 5 SCUF Prestige Controller Recommended Layout

This layout is recommended for players who prefer to be able to switch their primary weapon on a paddle, instead of the D-Pad. This also keeps your left thumb on the thumbstick to move during combat instead of sacrificing important seconds to switch your weapon. 

To use this layout, start by going into Settings > Turn On “Toggle Primary Weapon”. This will set D-Pad Left to be able to switch your weapon with one button, instead of using the left and the right buttons to switch weapons. Next, map D-Pad Left to the inner right paddle and you’re all set.

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The 5th installment of Gears of War, Gears 5, was released on September 6th, 2019 by Microsoft as an Xbox One exclusive.