Good movement is everything while playing Warzone. The battlefield of Caldera is a frenzied place that rewards aggressive and precise gameplay. New players often make the mistake of approaching firefights head on, approaching their opponent in straight lines, or stopping flat to take aim. These mistakes can make winning a firefight nearly impossible. A more seasoned player knows the key to coming out on top of a fight requires good movement. There are a few movement tricks that can help you improve those skills and with practice, have you winning more Warzone firefights in no time. One of those combat movement tools is known as the bunny hop.


A common misconception about the bunny hop to those unfamiliar with the skill is that bunny hopping is jumping repetitively in the middle of a firefight. While that may work out against a newer player, the true bunny hop has a little bit more strategy and finesse to it. To execute a bunny hop, use the following button sequence: Sprint x1 > Jump x1 > ADS x1 > Jump x1
A true bunny hop starts with a sprint to build momentum before a jump, then ADS mid-jump to take a few shots at your opponent, but stay mindful of your jump’s trajectory because you need to jump again the moment you touch down from your first jump to continue the momentum into a second jump. These combinations of inputs together is what is known as the bunny hop. There are a few parts of this skill that require more practice than might be expected. ADS while mid jump while tracking your opponent accurately can be difficult at first but is an essential skill for higher level play. The second difficult part of the technique is technically what makes it the bunny hop, the second momentum carrying jump. The key difference here between this jump and another jump is the timing. Hitting the jump too early will have you hit the ground and lose all momentum, essentially locking you in place to be picked off with ease. Hit the jump too late and the momentum from your initial sprint will be lost between your first and second jump, making you a much easier target. Hitting your second jump right at the moment your jump hits the ground hops you back into the air with all the initial momentum from your first jump. From here you can ADS again to finish off your opponent or engage a second opponent.


Putting this skill into practice on a practical level is a skill in itself. A bunny hop isn’t always the best tool to use for every firefight you might find yourself in while fighting in Verdansk. Try using the bunny hop as you engage enemies around corners or in more open spaces. A bunny hop in the confines of a hallway or small room may have you running yourself into a wall and cutting your momentum entirely. Mastering the bunny hop can be made much easier with the help of a SCUF. Using SCUF’s patented remappable paddle system you can jump with the press of a paddle, removing the need to take your thumb off the thumbstick to initiate your bunny hop. Every time you remove your thumb from one of the thumbsticks you’re losing control of your movement or aim momentarily. Firefights can be over in seconds in Warzone, every millisecond adds up and the player that makes the most of each one tends to come out on top. Keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks, your aim sharp, and your movement strong with SCUF and start getting more wins. Practice this technique enough to get it down and you’ll become significantly harder to take down in a firefight. Master this technique with others like the slide cancel and drop shop and you’ll be playing like the pros. Here’s some advice from ZooMaa on the technique:
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