Get ready to gear up with these expert settings with SCUF so you can prepare to be better than ever before. 


  • Go into your settings and make sure Advanced Gadget Deployment is on. This will make sure you can stop the action immediately by releasing a button if someone attacks you. 
  • Adjusting your dead zones can decrease the pressure needed to move your crosshair while aiming - you’ll want to experiment with what feels right to you.
  • Adjust your sensitivity as well - higher sensitivity will let you react and move quicker, but you still want control so mess with them until you find one that suits your liking.
  • For PC Players, there is Rainbow Six Siege Vulkan - it is a graphics API like DirectX 11. You can tweak some features under the graphics settings, like Dynamic Render Scaling which allows you to set the frame rates you’d like to target. It does require anti-aliasing so you should test out what settings are best for you. It’s more flexible and should make gameplay a lot smoother (also reduces CPU usage!) - so we recommend using it if you have the gear for it.


Leaning is key - and on console it’s a bit trickier since you have to aim to peek instead of just leaning around a corner. Make it easier on yourself by mapping Lean Left and Lean Right to your paddles. Now when you aim, you can just press in the paddle to peek around. 

These cover all your essential functions you need so you don’t have to sacrifice your aim and movement. You’ll be able to keep your thumbs on the sticks while ducking behind cover, reloading, etc. 

If you want to up your gameplay further, turn your Trigger Stops on and tune your hair triggers. This will help you activate your triggers faster, allowing you to shoot just a bit faster than your opponent - which could mean the difference between a win or a loss. 

SCUF’s high performance grip is another great option - if you plan on grinding for hours, it’ll reduce slippage and increase your comfort level for those long sessions. 

Be sure to check out our Rainbow 6 Siege Page for more guides to become a better player in Siege.