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Destiny 2’s vast universe and captivating gameplay have captivated players. The game changes with every new episode, bringing new quests and difficulties. The most recent update, Episode Echoes, is jam-packed with thrilling content that should have players on the edge of their seats.

Bungie has made an even better effort with Episode Echoes. A compelling new plot that delves further into Destiny 2’s mythology has emerged.

Players have given Episode Echoes positive reviews, complimenting its depth and originality. This episode has a lot for everyone to explore and enjoy, regardless of experience level. Prepare to explore the newest chapter of Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 Episode Echoes key art


As promised by Bungie, a new seasonal structure called Episodes will be introduced in the annual pass, starting with the launch of Final Shape. One of the primary differences is that content will be paced out, because the episodes will run for four months.

Acts are when players will get new material during this time. These will unlock story missions and more features like other weapons and activities like Exotic Missions and Battlegrounds. In particular, we will confront Vex on a steadily evolving Nessus in this episode.

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Episode Echoes of Destiny 2 will be presented in three acts, each one progressively to maintain the excitement. Episode Echoes Act 1 launched on June 11, 2024, setting the stage for the new storyline and introducing players to fresh content. Following this, Episode Echoes Act 2 is set for release on July 16, 2024, bringing new weapons, additional season pass rewards, and even more content to deepen the experience. The grand finale, Episode Echoes Act 3, will be released on August 27, 2024, culminating the storyline with epic conclusions and thrilling challenges. The entire Episode Echoes will wrap up on October 8, 2024, marking the end of this exciting chapter in Destiny 2.


Ten brand-new Episode Echoes weapons and five additional guns from Season of Dawn, each with a distinct origin trait and a complete redesign, will be added to Episode Echoes. Nevertheless, the first Act will only grant us access to six Echo weapons; four more will become available with each subsequent Act. Dawn firearms, which will be added with new Acts, also fall under this.

With the Radiolaria Transposer origin characteristic, echo weapons can rapidly kill opponents and trigger them to explode, creating a pool of radiolarian fluid. Following is an inventory of every Echo weapon:

Weapon Name Damage Type Type of Weapon
Speleologist Solar Machine Gun
Lost Signal Stasis Grenade Launcher
Timeworn Wayfarer Solar Scout Rifle
Faith-Keeper Void Rocket Launcher
Chronophage Void Trace Rifle
Ill Omen Stasis Sword
Aberrant Action Solar Sidearm
Veiled Threat Stasis Auto Rifle
Corrasion Arc Pulse Rifle
Sightline Survey Arc Hand Cannon

Cast No Shadows is an origin attribute added to weapons in Season of Dawn that boosts handling and loads bullets into the magazine by delivering melee damage. Here is a list of every weapon in Season of Dawn:

Weapon Name Damage Type Type of Weapon
Perfect Paradox Kinetic Shotgun
Patron of Lost Causes Kinetic Scout Rifle
Breachlight Strand Sidearm
Line In The Sand Arc Fusion Rifle
Martyr's Retribution Solar Grenade Launcher
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Although the 3-player Breach Executable activity will not be available immediately, Episode Echoes activities will open progressively after Act 1 is released. It will be an Arena mission where you must accomplish specific goals to advance to the next level and, ultimately, engage in combat with a boss. You must clear the Vex area in some locations and defend points in other places to keep enemies from getting to them.

Act 2 offers three new Battleground Missions for players to discover and finish, while Act 3 offers a new Exotic Mission with a brand-new pistol for you to acquire.


Most episode Echoes seasonal upgrades can be unlocked by completing Specimen missions, which can be acquired from Failsafe in the HELM. You can get the first set of seasonal enhancements once you finish the “Specimen ID: NES001” quest. To begin this quest, finish your first Arena: Breach Executable run and talk to Failsafe.

Specimen Samples

After every weekly reset, Failsafe provides a fresh specimen quest to unlock upgrades at the HELM. The Planetary Assimilation Piston, which is situated right before the second battle to the left of the designated path, must be destroyed to advance to the next mission, “Specimen ID: NES001,” which requires finishing a run of Arena: Breach Executable. Check your HUD for an icon in the form of a star.

Return to the HELM after finishing the task to show off your specimen and have most of the Failsafe enhancements unlocked. Future weekly specimen missions will still be available until the end of the year to obtain any remaining updates.

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Following the Witness’ demise, one of the Echoes that the Traveler had released fell into Nesus, shaking the planet and bringing an unusual surge of Vex.

Guardians must work with Saint XIV and Failsafe to determine the source of this Vex strike. As it occurs, a new force is emerging that possesses the capacity to rule both Saint XIV and the Vex.

Guardians will also be able to discover some of Nessus’s most hidden and uncharted areas and see the planet’s transformation.


In each episode, there will also be a change in the seasonal artifact. You will discover that as Act 2 of Echoes debuts, another row of bonuses will be introduced, and another with Act 3, after the acquisition of the newest Artifact in the story of The Final Shape. With the publication of each Act, the Season Pass will also get an extra 50 ranks, for a total of 200 rankings by the Episode’s conclusion.

Bungie announced one major update to the Artifact in Echoes in their most recent TWID. New Artifact rows that Episode Echoes Acts 2 and 3 add will give Guardians more gameplay options to explore or, in some cases, make them even more potent than before. Regretfully, we are still determining if players can activate more than 12 perks, but we will find out more information as the second Act approaches.


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