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Exotic missions in Destiny 2 offer thrilling challenges and coveted rewards that can be obtained by completing the “Dual Destiny” mission. Crafted to experiment with wit and combat prowess, this position is a pinnacle of Guardian achievement.

Explore its rich narrative and intricate gameplay mechanics as we assist you through every step of the Dual Destiny mission. We’ll be covering everything from preparation to strategies for each encounter. Whether you’re a seasoned guardian or new to the game, this guide will help you conquer the mission and claim your well-deserved awards.

Preparing for the mission

The major update to Destiny 2 is the Exotic class item, which players can attain by finishing a special Exotic mission called Dual Destiny. It can be a bit difficult to begin this quest, as the procedure is quite vague and a unique activity that demands a ton of team effort and communication.

Dual Destiny Exotic Mission


To unveil ‘Dual Destiny, players are required to solve a puzzle for Savathun in The Pale Hear. The trick here is that there is no mission to pick up or real suggestion that there is a hidden mission. Players must know precisely what to do with this mission to unlock it.

Firstly, players must team up, as this quest cannot be unlocked independently. Then, successfully finish a run in Overthrow. Start in whatever location you’d like and finish the entire quest. Once the boss is defeated, the game should say that the area is at peace and give you a short timer before Overthrow commences again. During this break, a Lucent Wizar will spawn in the area, and this wizard must be killed in all three Overthrow zones to proceed with the quest.

Kindly note that none of these wizards will be hiding; hence, they can be found easily. However, here is a quick guide to locating each of these, starting with the Landing.

Start your way towards the landing first and clear the Overthrow. Head south into the cave near The Forgotten Deep Lost Sector when settled. Be patient and wait until the wizard spawns. Shoot the crystals to break its shield, kill it, and crush its guest. You should receive a prompt stating, "Secret Keeper of the Witch Queen is vanquished! Once you see that, move on to the Bloom.

Now, complete another Overthrow and hop on your Sparrow once you're settled. Head to the right side of The Bloom, but don't follow the cave that leads to The Seclusion. Instead, go towards a back path behind the mountain on your right. You will find the next Secret Keeper here. Kill its enemies and do the mechanic prompt so you can eliminate the wizard. Crush the Ghost, and you'll get another notification.

Lastly, players need to go towards The Impasse. Apparent Overthrow here and then head southwest to the elevated area in the rocks: if you hit the Lost Sector, you've gone too far. You should be able to find the final Secret Keeper here; eliminate it like you did the others.


With all three Secret Keepers eliminated, travel back to The Blooming, and when you spawn in and turn towards your right, a giant green beam should be visible to you, shooting up in the sky.

Follow this green beam, and once you reach the right destination, you should see a couple of icons appear on the map. Go to each of these and kill the enemies. They will drop some orbs that you'll need to dunk back at the entrance to the area. Players should be conscious of the timer running on the left so they know when they'll have to complete the activity.

Destiny 2 Dual Destiny Tips & Tricks


To succeed here in “Dual Destiny”, follow these expert tips and tricks.

Communication is paramount: use voice to maintain team coordination, especially during puzzle sections and boss fights — Prioritise high-value targets like shielded enemies and snippers to maintain battlefield ammunition and buffs.

Attain weapons with diverse ranges to tackle many combat scenarios effectively. During boss fights, save your supers and heavy ammunition for the final phase when the Overload gets most aggressive. Lastly, practice patience and teamwork, as rushing through can cost you significant mistakes.

The Dual Destiny exotic mission in Destiny 2 offers a thrilling and challenging experience that rewards players with the powerful Destiny’s Edge weapon. By thoroughly following this guide, you will be well informed to face the mission’s various encounters and emerge victorious. Ensure you attain the right gear, communicate with teammates, and utilize strategic approaches to overcome obstacles.

With determination and teamwork, you will complete this mission and elevate your skills as a Guardian. Delve into this captivating world of Dual Destiny and conquer its challenging range of missions!


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