"The Taken King" the newest expansion for Destiny, a first person shooter, has arrived to much praise from fans and newcomers alike. As avid year 1 Guardians, we at SCUF wanted to give our recommendations for the new subclasses and how we use our SCUF Controllers to defeat the enemies of the light.

This week we'll be focusing on the new Titan subclass, the "Sunbreaker":

The Sunbreakers’ roles revolve around their new super, the "Hammer of Sol" during which your Titan summons a flaming hammer that causes devastating damage to anyone or anything it hits; you can also create Sunspots which buff your damage and survivability.

Our particular play-style for PVE revolves around the perk "Simmering Flames" which causes your grenade and melee to recharge twice as fast when your super energy is full, and then stacking as much of the Intellect stat as we can find. This allows you to toss many more grenades - our favorite being the Thermite Grenade, which is very helpful for downing PVE enemies.


For our Titans, we like to use the 4 paddle SCUF Controller design with the following configuration (from left to right): ABYX for SCUF Infinity1 or X/Square for SCUF 4PS. Movement is key in Destiny and having the ability to jump and aim, or jump and escape, is a crucial skill you'll never want to be without. The added bonus of a quick reload is also especially helpful so you'll never be caught unprepared.

Our entry in to the crucible focuses on the new Sunspots and damaging enemies with your newfound fire abilities. The "Thermal Vent" and "Fire Keeper" perks give you both extra damage to close range enemies and additional survivability with an over shield so long as you stand in your Sunspots.

destiny controller configuration for pvp

Our configuration is slightly changed for PVP play, we prefer an AXBY paddle configuration for SCUF Infinity1 or X/Triangle for SCUF 4PS with our controllers. This allows quick weapon swapping while you evade or approach in case you are facing down opposition with an empty magazine.

Do you play your Sunbreaker differently? How do you play Destiny? What SCUF configurations do you use?

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