What's New in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4

What's New in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4

Nexus War is here and with it Marvel superheroes have arrived to fight off the impending Galactus’ arrival on PS4, PC, and Xbox. From Thor to Groot to Storm to Iron Man… there are many hero skins you can unlock this season. Find out what else is new this season below.


What’s New in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4

  • Season 4’s battle pass has 7 Marvel skins you can unlock, and one special skin you have to earn. Each skin also has “Awakening” challenges that reward you with special emotes like Thor’s hammer, Jennifer Walters transforming into She-Hulk, or Tony Stark into Iron Man.

  • There are Mystic Weapons inspired by the Marvel heros added to the game. Like Doctor Doom’s fists will shoot plasma which continues to damage them and Groot’s puts you into a branched armored ball to flee combat quickly.

  • There is one villainous character you can unlock, Doctor Doom. Not only can you unlock him, but he has taken over Pleasant Park (now known as Doom’s Domain) as a boss you can defeat. You can snag those sweet Doctor Doom’s fists. 

  • Spawn island has been transformed into a helicarrier. Be sure to check out all the decks and glide around while waiting in the lobby for the next match. 

  • Each match has a randomized Quinjet location that will be marked on the map. Upon reaching it, you will find a parked Quinjet with a chest full of weapons - but it is guarded by robots wielding the new Stark Industries Energy Rifle. It’s the perfect way to snag the new weapon and some loot. 

    • The Stark Industries Energy Rifle is a long to mid ranged rifle that is high powered but a slow semi-automatic fire rate.

  • Loot drones have returned as Stark Supply Drones, so keep your eye on the sky. 


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