Getting Started in FIFA 20 with SCUF Basics

Getting Started in FIFA 20 with SCUF Basics

Each SCUF Controller has paddles to improve your performance in FIFA 20; keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks for performing skill moves while maintaining use of key functions.

Step One: The Outer Paddles

Let’s start with learning how to use the most important feature of a SCUF controller: the Paddle Control System. Starting with two paddles.

By default, the farthest left paddle is mapped to Ground Pass (X on PS4, A on Xbox) and the farthest right paddle is mapped to Shoot/Volley (O on PS4, B on Xbox).

Practice using only the paddles for these functions and ignore their face buttons during gameplay. It will take a little while to get used to, but keep practicing and you will develop muscle memory.

SCUF Infinty4PSPRO FIFA 20 Configuration

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Step Two: The Inner Paddles

Next up are the inner two paddles. By default, the inner left paddle is mapped to Lobb Pass/Cross (Square on PS4, X on Xbox) and the inner right paddle is mapped to Through Pass (Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox).

Repeat the same process as before, but now incorporating one of the inner two paddles. Ignore their face buttons until you’re comfortable with using all the paddles instead of the facebuttons.

With regular practice, it can take up to two weeks to be completely used to them. Keep control of the ball and perform skill moves quickly while being able to cross, pass, and shoot.

SCUF IMPACT FIFA 20 Controller Configuration

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SCUF Prestige FIFA 20 Configuration Learn More About SCUF PRESTIGE 

Step Three: Configuring the Paddles

Now that you’ve mastered the paddles, let’s start remapping. We recommend placing Offside Trap (D-Pad Down) on the outer left paddle and Attacking Tactics (D-Pad Up) on the outer right paddle. To learn more, check out our article here for our recommended FIFA 20 layouts

You will need to use an EMR key and press and hold the button you want to map to your paddle.

When finished, remove the EMR key and you’re ready to go. 

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FIFA 20, a realistic competitive futbol game with different game modes like Volta Football, Ultimate Team, Kick Off, and Champions League released on September 24th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.