Becoming A Better FIFA 21 Player Part 1

Becoming A Better FIFA 21 Player Part 1

For those looking to get better at FIFA in general or those new to FIFA wanting to become a better player, we have a 2 part guide to go over some essentials to improve your game. We’re going to review some basics in Part 1 and move onto the advanced settings in Part 2, so you can quickly dominate the pitch. 


The Basics

  • Possession is the way to win. You need to have the ball to score, and likewise the other team can't score without it. This can require patience and strategy to gain and retain possession of the ball. Keep an eye out for gaps in the other team’s defenses and make plays that can leave areas of the field open. Don’t be afraid to pass the ball back towards your own goal when you’re having trouble attacking. 

  • Sprinting can cause you to lose the ball, especially during intense moments, so be cautious. We recommend only sprinting when you have a clear path. 

  • Practice Timed Finishing. This mechanic was added back in FIFA 19, and continued into FIFA 20 and FIFA 21. You have to press shoot exactly at the right moment to improve the accuracy of your shots. 


Camera Settings

The default camera settings are set to "Broadcast", but you can update this setting to your preference. We recommend "Tele Broadcast" so you can see more players on the pitch. 

There are also custom settings you can implement as well. We recommend raising the Camera Height to at least 17 so you can see the players on the far side of the pitch easier to see when the ball is on that side. 

Lastly, there is Camera Zoom - with the new Agile Dribbling and ball control features they've added, you'll want to be able to see slight movements quicker. We recommend between a 3 and a 6 here.


Team Formations 

The way you like to play will determine which is the best formation for you in FIFA 21. 

Play around and see which formation works best for you, and then keep using that one. Changing it up too much could confuse you while you have possession of the ball, as players won’t be where you expect them to be.  

We recommend changing your custom tactics to suit your playstyle rather than change up your formation. You can learn more about these settings in Part 2.


Getting Started with SCUF 

FIFA 21 PS4 Controller SCUF Infinity4PSPRO

Learn More About SCUF Infinity4PSPro 

Using paddles for FIFA can help you stay focused on your plays. We recommend starting out with the essentials first, and see how paddles can help improve your play.  

FIFA 21 PS4 Controller SCUF IMPACTLearn More About SCUF IMPACT

FIFA 21 Xbox Controller SCUF PRESTIGELearn More About SCUF Prestige 


From there, try out different layouts to see what works best for your style. Practice using the paddles instead of facebuttons, or in addition to the facebuttons; sometimes, it can take up to two weeks of regular practice to develop muscle memory. To see our recommended layouts and more advanced settings, check out Becoming a Better FIFA 21 Player Part 2