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Expert Controller Settings In Fortnite

While paddles improve your overall performance and thumbsticks improve your aim, our trigger system will maximize your speed when aiming and shooting. 

Step One: Identify Your Game Preferences

Are you a gamer who likes to play a wide variety of games or do you a dedicated First Person Shooter/Battle Royale player?

We have two options depending on the answer: Digital TAP Bumpers and Digital Triggers or SCUF’s Trigger Control System. 

Step Two: Select Your Trigger Preferences

Digital TAP Bumpers and Digital Triggers

These features completely eliminate the range of movement of the bumpers and triggers and provides a feel similar to a mouse click. This is only recommended for players who only play shooter games.

The Digital TAP Bumpers and Digital Triggers are currently available for SCUF IMPACT & Infinity4PSPRO. 

Trigger Control System

SCUF’s Trigger Control system is available on every controller model and offers full trigger customization through adjustable trigger stops and hair triggers.

For Fortnite, you will want to have your trigger stops on unless you plan on using vehicles (which require the full trigger motion to operate).

They will reduce the amount your trigger has to travel past the activation point and will allow for faster shooting and aiming, especially efficient with semi-automatic weapons. 

To further tune your trigger movement, the hair triggers will allow you to modify the distance to the activation point so firing and aiming becomes a one-tap process.

You should only adjust your hair triggers in game; start by turning the key until you hit the activation point which is where your weapon will start shooting on its own, then dial it back 1 turn, or to your preference. 

Step Three: Selecting Other SCUF Options


Vibration can affect your aim, but also cause fatigue overtime from the added weight in your controller. We recommend ordering your SCUF without vibration modules / rumbles (or taking them out if you’re using a SCUF Vantage).

Sax Buttons 

If you are a SCUF Vantage owner, you have two additional access points called Sax Buttons designed to further reduce finger movement and therefore improve your performance.

These are located on the side of the controller which you can engage using your inner finger. We recommend mapping Previous Weapon (L1) to S1 and Next Weapon (R1) to S2 to start with.

Seamlessly cycle through weapons with sax while jumping and building using the paddles.

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Step Five: Advanced Game Settings

Now that you know about all the mechanical changes that you will make you a better player, let’s move onto the digital settings so that you can get the most out of your gameplay with your SCUF. We recommend going into your Fortnite settings and making a couple tweaks. 

Make picking up items quicker by tapping the paddle instead of holding it down:

  1. Go into Settings > Game

  2. Tap to Search Interact > Turn On

Increase the speed at which you build by holding and spinning to quickly build a base:

  1. Go into Settings > Game

  2. Turbo Building > Turn On

Play like a Pro

Now that you have customized the different aspects of your controller and tuned your gameplay settings, it’s time to jump in-game and test your new setup using these Fortnite controller tips!

Like every change, adjusting to these new settings may take some time - however, with practise and dedication, every SCUF feature will help you reach your full potential and become the best Fortnite player you can be! 

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