Death Stranding Game Guide

Death Stranding Game Guide

Hideo Kojima’s mysterious Death Stranding finally released on November 8th, 2019 on PS4; his first release since splitting from Konami. 

Playing as Sam Porter Bridges (designed after Norman Reedus) you must reconnect America one package at a time. Somewhat reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid’s stealth gameplay, you can choose to avoid Beached Things (BTs) and Mules, or try and take them out with the weapons at your disposal. 

How to improve your gameplay using a SCUF


Since movement in Death Stranding is so sensitive and critical to maintaining your balance, thumbsticks can vastly improve your movement control. 

  • Concave Thumbsticks are designed for more control over movement.

  • Domed Thumbsticks are designed for more accuracy.

  • Short Thumbsticks are designed for quicker movement speed.

  • Tall Thumbsticks are designed to have more angle to play with and more precise aiming.

For defensive players who prefer to stealth past BTs and Mules, we recommend playing with two short concave thumbsticks for better balance while traversing terrain, and slow but steady control when stealthing past BTs and Mules.

For offensive players who prefer to fight BTs with items like hematic grenades, or pursue Mules with the non-lethal assault rifle, we recommend playing with a short concave thumbstick on the left for control while traversing terrain, but a tall domed thumbstick on the right for improved accuracy when aiming. 


Paddles located on the back of every SCUF controller will help cover your essentials of climbing, crouching, loading cargo, and interacting with objects while balancing cargo over rough terrain. 

SCUF Infinty4PSPRO Death Stranding Controller Configuration


 SCUF IMPACT Death Stradning Controller Configuration

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For SCUF Vantage players, using the SAX buttons handily at your side to balance packages improves comfort over squeezing the triggers for long periods of time. 

SCUF Vantage 2 Death Stranding Controller Configuration

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Death Stranding Gameplay Tips

Here's a few tips that can vastly improve different parts of gameplay.

  • Auto arrange cargo. The system will organize it in the best way to be carried to make it easier to carry.

  • Be sure to double check that you don’t have any empty containers on your person when you use up grenades or repair spray. If you do, either offload them or recycle them at a terminal. This will free up valuable space. 

  • Go into Options > Camera Settings. Set Aim Acceleration and Aim Deceleration to 10. This improves the default aiming capabilities immensely. 

  • Hold Triangle to drop your cargo safely, so you can move around quickly if there’s danger. Be sure to do this on a flat surface, or else it may roll off a cliff. 

  • Be sure to knock out Mules, instead of solely tying them up or killing them. If you just tie them up, they can free themselves and their friends and chase after you again. If you kill one, you’ll have to go through the hassle of disposing of the body to prevent a voidout. 

  • The Odradek scanner will light up white and clap in the direction of the nearest BT; however, at this stage you’re fairly safe, so just walk slowly and don’t panic. If one notices you, just hold your breath and continue to slowly sneak on. If it starts to spin quickly and turn orange, that means you’re about to hit a BT. 

  • If you get caught and swept up by a BT, you’ll be entered into combat with a BT boss. You can run away, or you can fight back against it. If you defeat it, this will clear out the area of BTs for a while.

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