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Call of Duty Ghosts – Getting the most out of the game with your SCUF Controller

Call of Duty Ghosts – Getting the most out of the game with your SCUF Controller

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November marked the release of yet another Call of Duty title, the 10th in the series and a landmark title for the developers, Infinity Ward and the publishers, Activision. Call of Duty: Ghosts marks a slight change in direction for the developers, with more new features than we’ve seen for a while in a Call of Duty title. Not surprisingly, the game is gearing up towards the next generation of consoles. Maps are bigger than they’ve been in a long while, with vast terrains to explore while tactically taking down your foes. Once again the Scuf Gaming controller is the perfect tool to assist you in battle, whether you’re taking on virtual enemies or players from around the world. All of your favorite Call of Duty teams will be making the transition from Black Ops 2 to Call of Duty: Ghosts, including Optic Gaming, Complexity, EnVyUS, Team Kaliber, Prophecy and more. You can play like a Pro on Ghosts by using SCUF controllers that allow you to use more of your hand in a safe and ergonomic way. Pick up your favorite team’s controller by clicking here.


Infinity Ward have introduced one or two new game modes, including Blitz that looks set to find its place in the competitive settings used by the first MLG event of this new campaign. Even more exciting for competitive players, eSports settings are set to be both introduced and premiered at MLG Columbus later this month. What this exactly means, no one really seems to know, however, if a Vine that was released is anything to go by, at the very least we’ll see the introduction of Infinity Ward’s answer to the popular CoDCaster mode that was included in the Black Ops 2 release. For those of you unaware of what CoDCaster mode did for Black Ops 2, it essentially allowed commentators and broadcast producers to spectate games in a manner to which they were not previously accustom. Allowing them to view streaks, quickly switch from player to play, see where all the players were on the map and more. Essentially improving the end product to the user watching at home.


Despite the popularity, Ghosts did not launch with these features and now we all wait with baited breath to see what they come up with as their version of these features. Going back to the game itself, Ghosts landed with a killer story line, a zombie style game mode for the first time in an Infinity Ward game and of course, more of the multiplayer we all know and love. Once again we go back to the Drop Shot being prevalent over the Jump Shot. As has been a continued trend with the IW/Treyarch switch, Infinity Ward games tend to reward players for Drop Shotting their opponent, i.e. holding prone while firing in a battle. On the contrast, Treyarch games saw a lot of players jumping while shooting in battle. The Scuf Gaming Controller is built for both of these functions and more. With your Scuf Gaming controller, we advise that you select a set up for A-B for your back paddles and switch your controller scheme to Tactical. What does this mean for you? You can now melee your opponent using one of the back paddles, meaning you never have to take your thumb off the right thumb stick. Of course, you can also jump with the other back paddle, once again making you more nimble in battle, giving you that edge over your opponent.


Most importantly, though, you can Drop Shot using the Right Thumb Stick while in battle. This means that you can reduce the surface area of your character, while exchanging bullets with a foe, to help you come out of crucial 1v1 situations as the victor, all while maintaining your precision aim. The result is more 1v1 battles won. Perfect for both public and competitive players. Of course, Ghosts also takes advantage of numerous other SCUF features. The Trigger Stops and Hair Triggers are built to reduce latency while aiming. When you react, you want your controller to react at the same speed. You don’t want to lose vital milliseconds waiting for your controller to get to the point where it registers your action. You want it to be touch sensitive. The SCUF controller is just that. Owners of the Hybrid can also take advantage of our improved ergonomic design, meaning you have the best grip possible on your controller.


Your Scuf Gaming controller is the perfect complement to your Call of Duty: Ghosts experience. If you don’t already own one, pick up a SCUF today to give you that extra edge when it matters.