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Better Posture, Better Gaming: SCUF Releases EXO SCUF

ATLANTA, JULY 1ST, 2020 – Healthier gamers are better gamers. SCUF Gaming, creator of high-performance gaming controllers, launches the EXO SCUF, an ergonomic support cushion that promotes better posture. The EXO SCUF is engineered to help users – from gamers to work-from-home professionals – improve their posture and enhance comfort while gaming or using portable devices.

Exo Scuf

The EXO SCUF is specifically designed to promote safer gaming habits, combating poor posture and slouching, which can cause discomfort over time and create tension in hands, wrists, shoulders, and backs. The support cushion naturally encourages a relaxed seating position that reduces these problematic habits and promotes safer posture – supporting the elbows and improving the ergonomic positioning of the spine to keep your neck and joins in a more comfortable position.

 “Since our beginning, our mission has been to develop more ergonomic products that not only improve a players’ performance, but also their health and safety,” said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Founder of SCUF Gaming. “By encouraging an improved gaming posture, the EXO SCUF helps to reduce tension and stress in the neck, shoulders, and back, while improving blood flow to the hands and arms and enhancing concentration.”

 Numerous scholarly articles have focused on the connection between gaming and its effects on posture. Long gaming sessions typically involve sitting upright in a chair without support. Because screens are often at, or lower than eye-level, gamers can slouch over time, commonly known as ‘gamer lean’. The EXO SCUF sits on top of a gamers’ legs, raising the height at which they rest their hands, straightening the spine during play.

 The EXO SCUF has a wide range of use cases, from combating ‘gamer lean’ to providing a healthier environment for users of tablets, small laptops, and other personal devices. It is constructed from high-quality microfiber, strengthened with canvas sides and tactical webbing. Its u-shaped design fits naturally on a users’ lap and provides a broad surface to rest their hands and arms, while an inflatable bladder allows them to adjust the level of support they require, making it easy to conveniently transport.

 “We’ve shown we’re passionate about the gamers’ health with our SCUF controllers, which encourage greater, more flexible use of the hands,” continued Ironmonger. “The EXO SCUF is the natural next step. It even goes beyond gaming, and many of our own employees use one to improve their posture while they work on their laptops and other devices. EXO SCUF is robust enough to keep its shape and support your upper body while providing the same quality of comfort day after day of use.”

 Development of the EXO SCUF was made possible through the acquisition of GlomTom LLC, whose founder, Clif Chambliss, had a vision to create a support that gave gamers a way to hold devices, controllers, and even babies while gaming.

The EXO SCUF is now available online at or in select retailers for $39.99, £39.99 and 44.99€.

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