PS4 & PC

The completely re-engineered shape and ergonomics of the SCUF IMPACT are molded to fit your hands perfectly for paddle play. Prepare for more flexing and less reaching with four paddles, removable faceplate, interchangeable thumbsticks, adjustable triggers and much more!

Starting at 169.95€
Mesa Sean


Kris also known as Swagg grew up in Phoenix, AZ and started his gaming career when he picked up Modern Warfare 3. As soon as he started playing he became obsessed and would wake up 2 hours early to play before going to school just to get better. His first SCUF controller was a Xbox 360 Hybrid EnVy edition and he's been a SCUF user for the last 7 years. Once Black Ops 2 came out he recorded his first YouTube video using his cell phone recording his screen and the rest is history. Almost 700,000 subscribers later and his own branded SCUF controller he is still one of the top Call of Duty YouTubers out and he is just getting started.